Great victory Pincha in Mendoza: he reacted, beat Godoy Cruz 3-1 and is excited about the Libertadores

Huge victory Click in Mendoza lands. With rebellion, Estudiantes turned the score around, and beat Godoy Cruz 3 to 1. A formidable left foot from Gustavo Del Prete and a nice definition over the goalkeeper from Leandro Díaz, and another from “Loco” from the twelve steps, were enough to reverse the score that started low.

The game was not easy for the puncturer, who with the passing of the minutes was able to become infected with the desire of his forwards -with a high level-, and was able to build a triumph to which he clung and for which the coach worked in the previous one with the exposed proposal.

Reaction and remarkable effort of the red-haired players, the weapons that could turn the result and protect the advantage that allows them to score three very important points in their maximum objective. The Russian Zielinski’s team has gone 4 games without losing and scored their second victory in a row with an explosive pair in attack.

Thus, the León reached 57 units in the table of the cups and maintains the illusion intact of qualifying for the Libertadores 2022, and confirmed that it is possible to get into the highest South American event with the good result obtained tonight against Tomba.


The match began after the tribute paid to Diego Maradona, as was repeated in other fields of play. During the first minutes, Estudiantes had the first opportunities to convert, but the plays it generated did not finish well. While the first slap was given by Godoy Cruz.

When the clock ticked 12 minutes, Ojeda volleyed behind all the red-haired defenders – who fell asleep – defined and put the partial 1 to 0. In any case, the joy of the local did not last long.

At ’16 Gustavo Del Prete scored a great goal: from outside the area he finished off and nailed it at the angle. Thus he put the 1 to 1 in Mendoza lands.

Emboldened with the arc, the Pincha turned the scoreboard at the 22nd game: Leandro Díaz’s cunning, who handsome, body and defined by prodding her before Espínola’s humanity. The match in this section, 2 to 1 in favor of the Russian team.

After the advantage, the game was boxed in and did not have risk situations again. The more orderly Lion and with the result in favor, tried to take care of the ball and be more orderly in the background. So he went to rest.


Plugged in. This is how the beginning of the Estudiantes complement began. A few seconds into the game “Tuti” Del Prete had the chance to increase the score on his feet, but his shot went just over the crossbar. Then, again with the same formula of pressing very high, the Lion generated another dangerous play.

After the ’10, the Tomba approached the albirroja defense with little and nothing. This is why his coach, Diego Flores, reached in and sent three changes at once.

At 18 minutes it was Zielinski who made the first modification to the Pincharrata: Manuel Castro entered and Matías Pellegrini left.

When the clock ticked ’24, Loco Díaz grabbed the spear and was knocked down by the Mendoza goalkeeper. The referee decreed a penalty and it was the same striker who, with a forceful shot, put the 3 to 1 in favor of León.

Already calmer with the advantage, DT Pincha at 35 minutes made a double variation: Sánchez Miño and Ayoví and Pasquini and Del Prete left their place.

With the time adjusted, Tomba sought to discount and was exposed to hand-to-hand in defense. Students justified the result with the passing of the complement.

At the end he had to suffer a little as the local approached the Andújar arch, but the goalkeeper appeared with two important interventions and closed the blind. Thus the referee whistled the end and Estudiantes closed the night with a huge triumph that brings him closer and closer to the goal: the Copa Libertadores 2022.



Godoy Cruz: Juan Espínola; Néstor Breitenbruch, Gianluca Ferrari, Leonel González and Damián Pérez; Matías Ramírez, Martín Ojeda, Nelson Acevedo and Gonzalo Abrego; Tomás Badaloni and Ezequiel Bullaude. DT: Diego Flores.

Students: Mariano Andújar; Leonardo Godoy, Agustín Rogel, Fabián Noguera and Matías Aguirregaray; Matías Pellegrini, Bautista Kociubinski, Fernando Zuqui and Nicolás Pasquini; Gustavo Del Prete and Leandro Díaz. DT: Ricardo Zielinski.

Stadium: Malvinas Argentinas (Mendoza)

Referee: Nazareno Arasa

TV: TNT Sports.

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