Greater spread of Covid-19 in the center of Merida for the high mobility


“Gone are the worst days,” says Trump

The areas with more cases, in which there is a greater mobility of people

A child plays with his bicycle in L’hospitalet (Barcelona), this Tuesday, when they meet 45 days of confinement by the state of alarm decreed by the Government for the crisis of the coronavirus. EFE/Toni Albir
A student of a high school in the city of Taoyuan in Taiwan

With the pandemic of the Covid-19 causing more sick and dead in the Yucatán, the doctor Manuel Baeza Bacab, specialist in clinical immunology, ensures that the areas of greatest infection are those that have more mobility.

The center of Merida is one of the areas with several cases of coronavirus, which the specialist attributed to the high population density and mobility of pedestrians generated by the concentration of people in bus stops of urban transport and member-at-large, which facilitates the transmission.

He stresses that all, in months or years, “we’re going to get sick inevitably lead to less that is available to us in the medium term of a vaccine”.

Yesterday, the government yucatec informed that the Secretariat of Health of the federal government ranked the State as the most it has managed to decrease its mobility in the country, at 66%”. However, says the local Executive, the goal is to decrease between 70 and 75%.

In the Yucatan was reported 25 cases more than the Covid-19 to get to 386 in total, and there was a new death to add 32.

In Campeche coronavirus continues to expand to the reported 11 new cases and three deaths. The number of positive already amounted to 114 and the deaths add up to 18.

Across the country already are 1,569 deaths and 16,752 confirmed cases accumulated since the initial official report, registered on the 28th of February.

The director of epidemiology, José Luis Alomíahe said that in the last 24 hours were confirmed 1,223 new patients, while that killed 135 people in Mexico.

Commented that on average, between 60 and 80 percent of the patients for the new coronavirus should be intubated “end up dying”.

The undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, reiterated the warning that comes with a week of criticism, the time that asked people to “be aware of the symptoms and responsible to stay at home.”

People with any chronic disease, including obesity and hypertension, or with a family history of these diseases, they are more likely to get the disease, which could worsen, he warned.

In the united States, more than a million cases, but the president Donald Trump said that he already spent the worst days of the pandemic Covid-19.

“Now that the experts believe that the worst days of the pandemic are behind us, americans are waiting for the safe and rapid reopening of our economy,” said Trump.

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