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One day, I went to the Beaches of the Americas, and we discussed how the communications world was going to change. I remember one day when Lalao Reverter said he would get from Ourense to Panxón in two hours and a quarter of an hour, and that was before entering Galicia twice, or for the two sixties or the first two seventies Before intercourse…and no one reproduces. . impossible. They all have about three. Yes. Full career started in Ourense, scoring goals in Ribatavia, Canisa, Pontrias before reaching his destination. For kids, a stop or two is fine. We were in two cars, passed two buses going to Santiago or Calballinho, people got on – they were down in the savings bank with pita bread – everyone talking to everyone, these people It is neither inertial nor natural. “La Paz, you’re going to Santiago, aren’t you?” “Pois eu teñoche allá un neto…”. There is no train, when those separated carriages, from the pictures of the landscape or the blue sky next to the two wooden seats, generate an intimacy that becomes closer and closer to the familiar as the journey progresses, as the journey progresses. Conducted, the secrecy of the exchange became more intense, Máis mesta, for example, the people of Neboela were engaged in the tobacco industry. Students, fifths, the occasional backpacker…yep. When a man drives, he prowls or drives a wagon to find hiding places among people with the same characteristics… The beginnings of friendship and love, short or long, are hijacked in any case by human communication replaced by extreme silence. Screens and headphones in your ears, or too many conversations with your mobile device.

Yes. and other communications. When I first went to America a few months ago, around 1987, I cried because the last time a family left was in the early 20th century when Aunt Antonina’s husband went to America. Cuba, he’s not coming back. In 1987, he was using travelers cheques, envelopes with blue and vermilion borders, onion paper for letters, faxes for emergency communications, and extremely expensive telephones.

Now, hoxe, they are dez da maña in Sanxenxo, vexo is the neighbor on the front balcony, sitting in front of the computer screen, shaking his head, or gesturing with his hands and eyes, smiling, tapping from time to time, checking his phone , writing something on paper with a pen, which tends to leave a serious mouth half-open. Yes. This image has been around for a few months and seemed weird to us…but now it’s back to normal: remote work.

Yes. Das cousas boas – “with reservations” like the movie is classified as 3-R notradas cousas boas with reservations, I say, that’s an epidemic because it’s the norm of telecommuting. Because girls are working. Instead of facing it in our more respectful environment, but on the balcony of the house, seica, part of what they will see passing by. The name was told to me by a woman who set up an online master’s degree in Berlin with an entity in Barcelona that is related to an entity in Luintra, and they do group work between two participants. The main difficulty is to establish a common time, because there are people from Montevideo, India, China, Germany…

So for those who want to telecommute, I recommend a cheap place in the west, with advanced technology, good climate, you can live well, friendly and friendly people, less than two hours away from three airports with the European capital Karkla and the world Distances and connections across locations and within the EU: Yes. Galicia. coast or inland.

(Now what am I thinking, I am also writing from my balcony, as Arestola will be doing for hundreds of other people in this part of the planet). This is how we live in the “new world”. And, for now, things are looking good.

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