“green” expansion and hits on the big screen

OMP, with its Racing Force group, is setting itself even higher goals by expanding its offices in an environmentally conscious way.

Racing Force, whose Italian group OMP extension part undergoes further growth. The expansion of the headquarters, launched this year with a particular focus on sustainability, shows that all motorsport at the highest level belongs to the Ligurian company.. This assessment took OMP out of the film industry and onto the big screen, first with Ron Howard and now with Brad Pitt. In this article, we will focus on sustainable expansion and satisfaction with Rush and Brad Pitt.

Photo: OMP Racing – OMP: Steady Expansion and Big-Screen Satisfaction by Rush and soon Brad Pitt.

In the last chapter of the exclusive interview F1inGeneral.com detection OMP extension and groups Racing Force we’ll talk about stability and a little bit cinematic satisfaction companies.

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The bar has been raised: three offices are expanding

Future Racing Force projects tend to raise the bar: “In order to support the growth in demand worldwide, the group has launched an investment plan in recent months.”

“The aim of the group is to expand the main offices. Among them is Ronco Skriva’s base in the province of Genoa, which remains the group’s headquarters.. Another office is located in Bahrain, next to the Sakhir track, where Bell helmets are manufactured. The third one is MooresvilleV North Carolina; it’s a NASCAR dedicated area and it’s one of three bases we have in the US.”.

Ronco Scrivia, Sakhir and Mourseville: “These three locations are in the process of being expanded”Jacopo Rubino explained to us.

OMP sustainable expansion
Rendered from the OMP Racing website – Completion of the expansion of the Ronco Scrivia structure (from 8,000 to 12,000 m2) is expected in 2024.

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OMP and Racing Force for sustainable expansion that pleases the environment and partners.

Expansion under the slogan of sustainable development: “For the expansion work here at Ronco Scrivia, we thought of cutting-edge solutions, also at the architectural level. Measures include solar panels for more sustainable energy production and a rainwater recovery system.“.

Commitment to the environment is a factor that is also taken into account by the teams and the FIA: It is important for us to be at the forefront of sustainable development as for our desire to have the impact on the environment is as low as possibleand be attractive to all our partners. In fact, more and more teams, like the Federation itself, they take these aspects into account when choosing partnerships“.

Big-Screen Pleasures: From Rush to Brad Pitt’s Next F1 Movie

OMP sustainable expansion
Photo: OMP Racing – Corner of the OMP dealership with costumes supplied to the actors of “Race”.

Among the many advantages of OMP is a large screen.. The Italian brand hit theaters for the first time in 2013, thanks to the film “hurry“, directed by Ron Howard. The supply of racing suits, exact copies of the 1976 season, was entrusted to the Genoese company.

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The film adventure about Lauda and Hunt’s rivalry won’t be the company’s last Hollywood experience. OMP will also be featured in the Formula 1 movie along with Brad Pitt: We are very proud to have been chosen for this huge project. In addition to OMP racing clothing, we supply Bell helmets and Racing Spirit clothing for filming. We look forward to providing more details.”

OMP sustainable expansion
Photo: L’Est éclair – OMP: sustained expansion and satisfaction on the big screen with Rush and soon Brad Pitt.

A focus on sustainability and cinematic adventures completes this “mini-series” dedicated to OMP and the Racing Force. Thus ends another journey to discover yet another Italian excellence at the pinnacle of world motorsport.

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