Green Lantern, thus the love between Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively was born

Green Lantern feature film inspired by the character of the same name DC Comics which will air tonight at 23:26 on Mediaset channel 20. Like many films of direct competitor Marvel. Green Lantern did not live up to the expectations of the production company, which abandoned any intentions to create a film saga due to lack of funds. This is, judging by what we read above Soon, this was a source of relief for the lead actor, who hated working under the director. Martin Campbell. However, despite this malaise on the set, Ryan Reynolds one must also remember this particular film fondly, because through Green Lantern who was able to meet the one who would soon become his wife, Blake Lively.

Green Lantern plot

Hal Jordan (ur.Ryan Reynolds) is a test pilot who completely unexpectedly finds himself in an unexpected reality. In fact, the magic ring chose him to be Abin Sur’s heir (Temuera Morrison), one of the first Green Lanterns, guardians armed with the so-called Green Essence, whose task is to guard and protect the entire universe. So Hal is taken to the planet Oa, where he is trained by the skeptical Sinestro (Mark Strong), who does not believe that a person has the strength and will necessary to pursue a “career” as a Green Lantern. Meanwhile on Earth, Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) conducts experiments on Abin Sur, but while doing this work he is “possessed” by certain particles of Parallax, a Green Lantern who has turned away from the oath and sacred mission of the guardians. Hector thus loses some of his humanity and is consumed by darkness and resentment, to the point of wanting to kill his father, who is on the plane with Carol (Blake Lively), Hal’s ex-girlfriend.

The love story of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

In the world of entertainment, or more specifically in the world of cinema, it often happens that two very famous people fall in love and go on a trip together. Just think about Brangelina, what an iconic wedding between Brad Pitt AND Angelina Jolie and how much sensation the announcement of their separation caused. That’s because in the collective imagination, there are “celebrity couples” who represent a slice of reality’s happy ending, proof that perhaps true love can exist even away from the screen. Pairs similar to those formed Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz. or from Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, these are couples that almost achieve the role of a “fairy tale”, a comforting story for those who follow the world of cinema not only for feature films, but also for the actors who inhabit it. And among the most beloved couples of all time is a couple consisting of Ryan Reynolds AND Blake Lively. They live their love story quite publicly: keeping many aspects of their personal life secret (for example, the name of their fourth child), they never skimp on public statements or pictures that they share on Instagram or social networks. in general, actions that were direct evidence of the health of their relationship and their love.

They met on the set Green Lantern. As you read above brides, It was 2010, and Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were spending a lot of time together on the set of a feature film they were working on. However, despite everything, the most popular relationships on social networks did not happen overnight. At that time, Ryan Reynolds was already married to another Hollywood diva, an actress. Scarlett Johansson, while Blake Lively had been in a serious relationship with Penn Badgleyactor with whom he starred in the series Gossip and whom everyone now knows, especially as the main character of the Netflix series You. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds then appeared together in the summer of the same year: the reason, however, was still work-related. How he writes People they both attended the famous San Diego Comic-Con to introduce and promote the issue Green Lantern.

However, in September 2010, Blake Lively decided to end her relationship with her co-star Penn Badgley, although according to a source reported USA WeeklyThey managed to maintain a good relationship even after breaking up. A few months later, in December, Ryan Reynolds also ended his marriage. He and Scarlett Johansson released a statement to the newspaper. People, which reads: “After much and heartfelt consideration, we have both decided to end our marriage. We entered into our relationship with love, and always leave it with love and kindness. Although consideration for privacy is not what we do. Let’s wait, it’s all the same I would be very grateful.”

In 2011 Green Lantern is releasing in theaters and the two actors are often seen together during promotions, but there doesn’t seem to be any rumors about their possible collaboration. connection sentimental. Moreover, at that time, Blake Lively was listed in international newspapers as Blake Lively’s new love interest. Leonardo DiCaprio. News that soon exploded into proverbial death, but we still had to wait until late 2011 to realize that ex Serena Van Der Woodsen was from Gossip In fact, she was romantically involved with her Martin Campbell co-star. Although these two are always very careful about maintaining privacy, newspapers and photographers don’t miss the romantic trips they go on or the ease and speed with which Ryan Reynolds takes his girlfriend to see his hometown and meet his family. Then, in September 2012, they married in an intimate and private ceremony, away from the prying eyes and curiosity of most people, so much so that newspapers often talked about it. “secret wedding” Since then, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have never been separated: they have four children and continue to support each other’s creativity.

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