Group Model slows down production by coronavirus


The beer mexican Grupo Modelo said on Thursday that it would suspend its operations of production and marketing of beer to the health emergency in the country because of the epidemic of coronavirus.

“We are in the process of lowering production in our plants to the minimum necessary to not have irreversible effects for its continuation in the future,” said the company in a press release.

He added that next Sunday will complete the process to suspend the production and sale of beer.

The company -the manufacturer of the popular Corona beer – said the move seeks to comply with the provision of the mexican Government of the 31st of march, that orders the suspension of non-essential activities in the country until the 30 of next April in order to mitigate the expansion of the coronavirus.

In the decree, the government said that the key sectors of the economy such as the agro-industry will be able to continue to operate.

In that sense, Grupo Modelo said that if the government confirms to the beer as a product agro-industrialthe company is ready to execute a plan with 75% of its staff working via remote control to ensure the supply of beer.

Mexico records up to the time thousand 510 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 50 deaths.



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