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Currently 79% of the suspected cases of Covid-19 in the State are registered to people which is presumed to be acquired directly in the Entity, while the remaining is related to travel abroad.

The latest figures released by the Secretariat of Federal Health detailed that in Baja California they have 213 suspected cases of coronavirus.

The data from the authorities indicate that in 168 of the cases there is no history of that the person could have acquired the disease abroad.

While the rest of the patients in observation, indicate that 43 of the people have as antecedent a trip to America, one to Spain and the same amount to France.

With a relationship of persons who have tested positive for the Covid-19, the official information states that in 57% of cases not registered as a background of a trip abroad, while in the remainder, patients were in the united States, Spain or France.

Rising deaths

Continues to rise the number of deaths in Baja California because of the Covid-19, as yesterday we recorded 4: Two in Tijuana and two in Mexicali, reported the secretary of state for Health, Alonso Pérez Rico.

He warned that the statistics of deaths will continue to increase, due to which the patients have developed pneumonia, atypical, apart from the symptoms of the coronavirus, such as a cough, fever, body aches, headache, and difficulty breathing.

“We’re going to have many cases in the door right now, because all the patients that are getting sick, and that unfortunately are dying to be infected three weeks ago. Then, what we will not do well right now, what we’re going to see reflected in the next two weeks,” said Perez Rico.

The last patient with covid-19 died in one of the hospitals of the IMSS in Tijuana; this is man of 59 years old, who suffered from hypertension and obesity, who was hospitalized for seven days and presented an evolution unfavorable.

Until Wednesday there had been three deaths from coronavirus, 1 in Tijuana and two in Mexicali. The patients also had co-morbid disease.

In this regard, the secretary of state showed his concern for the acceleration of the mortality, because of continue the picture in the following days there will be no fans to care for patients with covid-19.

Currently, between the public and private hospitals with 200, but the amount varies as patients with other diseases, such as strokes, also need.

The ministry of Health analyzes buy between 40 and 60 fans; however they did not specify the investment.

“It’s a very changing, because every day patients require fans and not necessarily by covid-19. I have all the days patients in general hospitals rough, run down, infarcted, with embolisms. I would say to the scene yesterday gave high twelve patients with a fan, but had to put fourteen,” the official said.

Also, Alonso Pérez Rico reported that 33 patients with Covid-19 are hospitalized in the which public, 9 in the IMSS, 1 in the Issste, and 9 in the Issstecali.

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