Grows the fence against the coronavirus in CDMX: more doctors detected cases by phone and messages


The Mexico city it is the entity which has submitted the largest number of cases by Covid-19, with 83, and in this context, the authorities in the capital announced measures to to strengthen the detection people with symptoms of the disease through the digital services and presence in public places – sum competition.

According to the head of government, Caludia Sheinbaum, will be added 100 medical services to address the reports of the people by means of the SMS messages also through the web page mx or even telephone, in the service of Locatel.

This measure was taken with the aim of give them certainty to the people with regard to who serves, as in these cases must always be “a doctorthat is not another health care worker now that you are going to be much more frequent calls. Missing some doctors in the evenings and in the night,” said Sheinbaum.

And is that prior to this determination, the staff that did the screening services there were not many. Those who were covering the service Locatel, explained José Peña Merino, owner of the Digital Agency of Public Innovation (ADIP) only accounted for 50 for four shifts over 24 hours.

It is worth mentioning that in the SMS messaging system that has been implemented in order to detect possible cases of coronavirus, the responsible authorities have already made modificationssince you removed the question if the person had traveled abroad on the other where is in question if you had contact with any patient of this virus.

After 10 days of having started to implement this system for the detection of new cases, the number of messages that have been sent and received was 4.7 millionwhile it has been used by 178,378 people. Of that total, 649 patients were channeled to the ministry of Health to be atenidos.

In addition, to 70 of those individuals are being served in their homesreported by the secretary of Health of the capital, Oliva López Arellano, who also gave to know that 43 people were made the test of the Covid-19 and are still waiting to know the results.

These actions are in addition to the tents that were installed at the entrances to certain hospitals for to filter cases of the new coronavirus, which are the specialty, doctor Belisario Dominguez, the general in Tlahuac, dr. Matilde Montoya; the general Álvaro Obregón doctor Enrique Cabrera; the general Ajusco Medio, phd Obdulia Rodríqguez; and the general in Iztapalapa, dr. Juan Ramon de la Fuente.

In addition, in the facilities of the System of Collective Transport Meter, also began a pilot program by means of thermal imaging cameras in the stations Socket and Pantitlan. Until the moment have not been detected to users with higher temperature than the 37.5 degrees.

The protocol of action in respect to those people is give them a face cloths, hand sanitizers, gloves, and tell them to get in contact with an Intelligence Unit for Emergencies in Health (UIES) in the number 5168242 or opt for the messaging service to give up on your case.

On the other hand, the head of government, through a message posted on their social networks, reported that the actions implemented so far by his administration to avoid the contagions will have effects within about 10 or 15 days and because of this he called the population to be patients, solidarity and maintain the measures of healthy distance.

“It is very likely that cases will continue to grow in the next few days, it is important that any person who has the symptoms of Covid-19, don’t leave your house and make sure that all the people that have been in contact to do the same”, he requested.

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