GTA 6 will be the only Rockstar game for the current generation, according to a well-known leaker

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Grand Theft Auto VI it’s the only new game that Rockstar is developing for the current generation of consoles, according to an industry leaker.

AccountNGT, the Twitter account from which precise data about Star wars eclipse by Quantic Dream before his reveal at the Game Awards, predicts now that GTA 6 will be the only new development of Rockstar for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, ruling out another Red Dead Redemption or a possible Bully 2 before the arrival of the next generation of consoles.

While Rockstar has not confirmed the development of GTA 6, rumors about the game began to multiply in recent months. Youtuber Tom Henderson, known for leaking information about Call of duty Y Battlefield 2042, collected some of these rumors in October. According to Henderson, GTA 6:

  • It would be out in 2025, 12 years after the release of GTA 5.
  • It would be an exclusive title for PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC, so it would not be available for previous generation consoles.
  • It would be based on Vice City, with a map inspired by the Miami area, but with the particularity of changing over time, in the same way that the Fortnite map evolves each season.
  • It could introduce the franchise’s first female lead, but not alone. Like GTA 5, it would have multiple playable characters.

The rumors of a late launch coincide with a statement from Take-Two at an investor event: the game is not expected before 2024. One of the hypotheses about this is that Rockstar wants to avoid delays in the official launch date and not exert pressure or “crunch” on the developers, as happened with Red Dead Redemption 2. But others insiders suggest that the development of GTA 6 is a “disaster” and that the game has been restarted several times.

Either way, now we have another shocking rumor on the table: GTA 6 would be the only Rockstar game for the current generation.

Was rumors that Rockstar had retakesdo the development of Bully 2, but according to AccountNGT, the successor to the 2006 cult game was canceled in 2017 and the company is not expected to I took it up again.

Yes rockstar he gambles everything on a card with Grand Theft Auto VI It probably has to do with a strong bet on online, which has been the goose that lays the golden eggs in the case of Grand theft auto v.

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