GTA: San Andreas – With an Absurd Glitch, the Game Can Be Completed in Just 30 Minutes

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What can you do in 30 minutes? In time, for example, “GTA: San Andreas” playthrough. An absurd time travel glitch makes it possible.

In the game world of GTA: San Andreas you can easily spend over 100 hours. Even completing the story takes several hours, so even Speedrunner will not make it in under 4 hours. Now, however, a glitch has been discovered that undercuts the existing Speedrun record by over three hours!

GTA: Play through San Andreas in just 30 minutes

Instead of four hours, it is even possible to finish the game and see the credits in just 30 minutes. It helps an absurd glitch, which was discovered by Speedrunner Powdinet. This makes protagonist Carl “CJ” Johnson a time traveler and transports him directly to his last mission.

The video below shows you the run of Powdinet. It is necessary for the glitch everything he shows in the video. However, you can rewind directly to minute 16 to see the location that skips almost the entire game and takes you straight to the final mission.

This is how the glitch works

Powdinet has provided a guide to help you use the glitch as well. You have to do a bunch of strange actions.

  • Steal a police motorcycle and park it in your garage so that you would hit the wall as you accelerate.
  • Use the motorcycle to start a vigilante mission and cancel it in time.
  • Kill a drug dealer and steal $ 2,000.
  • Avoids vending machines. You reset the in-game counter.
  • Kill some theft minigames while still avoiding vending machines. It takes some luck to trigger the glitch.
  • Keep going until CJ becomes a time traveler.