Guantanamo police organize operation to return items stolen in murder case

Guantanamo City Police Holds Return of Stolen Property Official reporter Miguel Reyes reported on Facebook about the murder of a photographer.

“After the pain of the death of the Guantanamo burlesque studio boss, Home Office members hand over belongings stolen during murder Photograph by photographer Orlando Tamayo Guevara of Maximo Gomez street between Jesús del Sol and Narciso López street (Máximo Gómez street). Reyes said without specifying what was returned, but he shared photos showing police seizing a large amount of money.

Photos included in the above-mentioned post showed several military officers with ranks as high as lieutenant colonel addressing the assembled crowd. “Those present expressed their gratitude for the swift resolution of the case and the return of the stolen goods. Likewise, MININT colleagues thank the people for the information that quickly clarified the facts and led to the arrest of the killer And make them subject to legal sanctions,” explained the reporter with ties to local state media.

“However, Miguel Noticias (the name of Reyes’ Facebook page) said that we believe it is necessary to intensify surveillance operations in the community to eliminate vandalism and minimize direct and collateral damage. Lives taken do not bring Nothing in return,” he concluded. .

Family of young man chopped up in Holguin gets help

Apart from, The family of teenage Léster Domínguez who was slashed at Holguin-Saint-Germain last March gets help The minor’s uncle, Dennis Domínguez, reported on Facebook on Wednesday that it was committed by Cuban immigrants living in the United States.

“Lester had been fever-free for about six days. The pneumonia seemed to be going away, and then he went on to treat the bedsore and then had a tracheostomy. We saw a lot of solidarity.” We’ve been told that some medicines are unnecessary, and we’ve seen a lot of solidarity here and abroad. Two terminally ill seniors at a clinic in Miami were brought to my attention by donating to Lester’s children. I won’t reveal his identity because that was the first thing they told me,” said the young man’s uncle.

Dennis explained that his nephew’s case was not the only one of its kind: “On the other hand, I was able to share a similar story to Lester’s. The story of a patient from Santa Clara, now, two years and three Months later, they were able to close the tracheostomy, but the scar remained. It was the same in Baracoa, but their result was fatal”.

On Thursday, Dennis posted his details to those interested in helping his nephew: “I think tomorrow (today, Friday 28th July) he will be released from the hospital with pneumonia, while I am at home preparing for his arrival I don’t have time for solidarity and caring friendships. I’m posting the address because I don’t have time for something at home, Calle 7 Sur No. 1414, between Calle 14 and Calle 16, San Germán, Holguín. Tel. +53 50112552 (Denis Dominguez Mora)”.

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