Guardians of the Galaxy, can Gamora return to who she once was? Answered by James Gunn

After being sacrificed at the hands of Thanos, the Gamora featured in subsequent Marvel films is not the one that Peter Quill fell in love with and failed to integrate into the Guardians. Fans have asked James Gunn if this will change in the future, but his response is not optimistic.

Zoe Saldana he made his intentions very clear afterwards Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3. His time in the Marvel Universe has come to an end, at least as far as the character is concerned. Gamora which received, according to him, a bittersweet ending. But can she return in the future as the same Gamora who stole Peter Quill’s heart? The same warrior who helped her team become the starting point for the entire galaxy? James Gunn he attempted to clarify by giving a substantial yet accurate answer about Gamora’s fate after what happened in volume three.

Can Guardians of the Galaxy bring back the former Gamora?

While Zoe Saldana is no longer interested in playing Gamora in the MCU, she has said she doesn’t rule out a future for her character (does that mean she could return with a new actress?). But could this future bring back the same Gamora who shared romantic moments with Peter Quill long before Thanos sacrificed her for power? According to James Gunn, this is an almost impossible choice. The Gamora we met in volume 3 is the same one that will now be contributing to the current MCU, the one that joined Ravagers and is not going to be a copy of his version of the future, the one that Peter so wanted to return. For this reason, when a fan asked James Gunn via streams Will Gamora be able to return to the previous version in future MCU projects, the director and screenwriter elaborated:

Hardly. She is the Ravager.

Short answer but useful for the purpose. What’s more, James Gunn left Marvel Studios to take on a higher position on the DC side (where he serves as co-president), which would leave him unable to handle his Guardians. This does not mean that the characters cannot be used in other films or continue their own saga, but of course with a different director. As for Gamora, even Zoe Saldana is convinced that her character’s storyline has come full circle. Not so long ago, the actress commented on this ending. Hollywood Reporter and explained why he finally found solace with the Ravagers, his new family.

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