Guerrini, 30 years of career and a record of his own

To celebrate his more than 30-year career in 2023, the composer and producer Pierpaolo Guerrini will release his first album published under his own name: Friends. A concentration of collaborations of the highest international level. The album, produced in the PPG Studios of Santo Pietro Belvedere, will be a concentration of compositions in various musical genres with instrumental pieces featuring friends with whom Pierpaolo has collaborated directly and indirectly throughout his entire career. After Intimate with the cello star Hauser, the second track that anticipates the album was released on Friday: Once and Now.

In this single Guerrini’s piano embraces that of Stephan Moccio, the Canadian hit-maker pianist, producer, composer, with three Grammy Award nominations and an Oscar nomination, who has worked with world artists of the caliber, among others, of The Weekend, Celine Dion, Dua Lipa, Jason Derulo, Seal and Miley Cyrus. Always fascinated by the wonderful interpretative world of Stephan Moccio, Guerrini chooses to collaborate with him on the strength of the thought that he is the only artist able to travel to another dimension with his piano and, therefore, the only one who is able to interpret perfectly the main concepts of this song: the passage of time and some moments of life that repeat themselves, now as in the past, as if that time had stopped. Once and Now is a piece that Pierpaolo Guerrini dedicates to his mother and which has its roots in the sensation of being in his childhood, in his past, which does not present itself as a déjà-vu but which returns with the perfumes, the memories of he. “We immediately understood each other with Stephan – says Guerrini -. I gave him the score of Once And Now during my visit to his home in Los Angeles, accompanied by a recording of mine. So Stephan decided to play the main theme and then thought about cutting some parts to create a duet, so that I too could interpret some themes that he had adapted.During the mix I was tempted to insert a string section, then I reflected and listening to Stephan’s interpretation I thought that the best what was to leave the piece exactly as it was born, so only with the piano”.

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