Guide of how to disinfect your car to avoid infection by coronavirus


Although many people have the possibility of being able to work remotely during this health crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirusthere are other functions do not allow this, and your routine includes spend a lot of time behind the wheel: as the carriers of goods or services taxieither conventional or digital applications.

Even, anyone who needs to use their car to travelling emergency or meet their basic needs.

And is that according to the experts, the contagion by contact to surfaces is possiblealthough it is very unlikely that it can happen. For example, in the crystal, the virus remains for up to four days, while on plastic surfaces and steel up to three.

Therefore, it is recommended to keep the vehicle always clean, from those elements with which they have most contact to the body. These are some tips to avoid any risk of contagion from COVID-19:

One more suggestion is that while it prevails, the contingency, the best thing is that the occupancy of the vehicles limit yourself to one personand , in the case of being used by two passengers, the other person must travel in the rear.

Until the last cut, Mexico has registered 1,378 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country and 37 deathsto which are added eight deaths in the last 24 hours, reported the authorities of the health sector.

The Mexico City shows a rapid growth with 62 new cases in a day, 296 cases reported as positive, 591 suspects and eight deaths so far.

The second entity with high figures is the State of Mexico with 157 patients, 340 suspects, and a death. Then you will continue to states with a lower index, Jalisco with 99, Puebla, with 97, Again, Léon with 78, Coahuila with 57 and Yucatan 52.

In the country and 42% of the confirmed cases are women and 58% are men. Among the fatal victims for the suffering, 86% are male and 14% are female.

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