Guide to films released in cinemas in September 2023

Our selection of films hitting theaters in September includes the return of great auteurs, promising debuts and sluggish mainstream cinema challenges. Article by Umberto Scaramozzino.

We are veterans of this phenomenon Barbenheimera grandiose maneuver that combined two of the most important mainstream films of the season into one big viral ad: Barbie From Greta Gerwig AND Oppenheimer From Christopher Nolan.

The trend is so strong that it has taken hold here as well, where two films were shown asynchronously more than a month apart.

What else? We saw Tom Cruise exceed receipts John Wick 4 with his Mission Impossible – Precise Reckoning – Part One (“her” even if the director is an ordinary Christopher McQuarrieflawless) e Shark 2 – AbyssFrom Ben Wheatley and with Jason Stathamwho sold more tickets at the box office than expected, qualifying for the Surprise Summer 2023 award.

And all this at a time when everyone in Hollywood is getting a little shitty because of the current strike of actors and screenwriters, which has crossed the alarming milestone of 100 days of deadlock.

With Oppenheimer gone, we’re now looking with confidence at a September calendar that’s divided between great auteur returns, promising debuts, and sluggish mainstream film challenges.

Movies in theaters in September 2023

Here are the titles we have chosen in our guide to The film will be released in theaters in September:

  • I am the captain
  • asteroid city
  • Murder in Venice
  • Gran Turismo: the story of a pipe dream
  • Mercen4ri – The Expendables
  • Castle
  • Creator
  • Talk to me
  • dog man

I Captain (Matteo Garrone, 7 September)

The film will be released in theaters in September

Matthew Garrone he is one of the great contemporary benchmarks of our cinema and it has been four years since his film was released. Pinocchio 2019, which brought two technical Oscar nominations.

I am the captain will be presented in the competition 80th Venice International Film Festival and inspired by the true story of some boys – in the film Seydou and Moussa, played by Seydou Sarr AND Mustafa Fall – which depart from Dakar, the capital of Senegal, to reach Europe, crossing the desert, the sea and all the critical places of our species.

A modern odyssey told by our most fabulous director. We missed a good Garrone, didn’t we?

Asteroid City (Wes Anderson, September 14)

movie in the cinema

Movie release from Wes Anderson it is always an event, and in this case the actors draw attention to themselves: Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hanks, Margot Robbie, Edward Norton, Tilda Swinton, Bryan Cranston, Adrien Brody, Hope Davis, Steve Carell, Matt Dillon, Maya Hawk, Willem Dafoe, Jeff Goldblum and many, many others.

The Texan director’s new surreal comedy is set in a fictional 1950s desert city and is based on American mythology about sightings and activities of aliens.

asteroid city was presented in the competition Cannes Film Festival and comes to theaters after months of waiting, during which a mania has spread on Instagram and TikTok to document our cities, emulating the style of the most famous esthete of modern cinema. The video for “Torino Comes in a Wes Anderson Movie” is bigger than the one with the kittens. But don’t worry: the trend has already blown away, you can go to the movies without the risk of feeling sick.

Murder in Venice (Kenneth Branagh, September 14)

movie in the cinema

Adventure Kenneth Branagh in the world Agatha Christie and his Hercule Poirot. After Murder on the Orient Express AND Murder on the NileOscar-winning director struggles with Murder in Venicetaken from the novel Poirot and the Massacre of the Innocents.

The film’s title is different to give a continuation to a saga that, somewhat surprisingly, has amassed a large following over the years, and to highlight the setting: the most famous lagoon city in the world. A canal in Venice pulls more than a cart going uphill, right?

Interesting fact: after the role of the villain in John Wick 2 in 2017, Riccardo Scamarchio manages to fit into yet another successful American saga. IN Murder in Venice plays a character Vital Portfolio.

Gran Turismo: The Story of an Impossible Dream (Neill Blomkamp, ​​September 20)

the film will be released in september

But how the hell did he do it? Neil Blomkamp go from one of the most important names in international sci-fi to agreeing to make a film that will use a gaming brand Gran Turismo? Oh yes, perhaps that trouble is to blame demonica horror of 2021 that would be better forgotten.

This Gran Turismo: the story of a pipe dreamis actually based on a story that has potential, like all true stories about those who have achieved success in an unconventional way, so they deserve a chance. And car racing in the movies is always cool. That being said: could you bring back imperfect but inventive author Neil Blomkamp to us, please? Thank you.

The Mercen4ri – The Expendables (Scott Waugh, September 21)

upcoming movie

How long can a franchise designed solely as a tribute last? Apparently, at least four films. It confirms mersen4ryfourth chapter Consumablesa saga that pays homage to all the events of the 80s and 90s by bringing its unforgettable characters to the screen with the ingenious slogan: “They will die when they die.”

Veterans Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture AND Sylvester Stallone added two elements that could become the movie’s “show stealers”: 50 cents AND Megan Foxwhich already promise sparks from the trailer.

Was the cast of the first three richer? Decisively. Did you feel the need to make another one? Mah, shall we go see? Heh, come on.

Palace (Roman Polanski, September 28)

film at the box office

Another preview 80th Venice International Film Festivalanother long-awaited return of the giant of international cinema. Roman Polanskiready to blow out ninety candles, returns to production with us Luke Barbareschi For Eliseo Entertainment With Paradise Cinemastrengthening the partnership born with Officer and spy winner of the Grand Jury Prize in Venice in 2019.

Castle it is an international film produced in cooperation with Poland, Switzerland and France. Like the cast of the American Mickey Rourke in German Oliver Masuccipassing through French Fanny Ardan This is English John Cleese. Oh yes, and of course Luca Barbareschi himself, who personally invested 4 of the 17 million budget of the project.

Okay, but what are we talking about? About a group of high society people who meet at the Palace Hotel in Gstaad, Switzerland, for a historic night of 31 December 1999 amidst excesses.

Creator (Gareth Edwards, September 28)


Hollywood’s expectations of the English language Gareth Edwards they are getting bigger and bigger. Why? Eh, because he hit independent cinema with his Monstersput excellent Godzilla and with Rogue One signed content star Wars more popular than Disney’s jaded course.

WITH Creator it is clear that there is complete confidence in Edwards’ funds. It has all the necessary ingredients to be relevant: there’s apocalyptic risk, there’s artificial intelligence, and there’s the blood-free father-son relationship that’s as popular as in Last of us or The Mandalorian. No, they didn’t choose Pedro Pascal as a father figure, at least here. Best in place John David Washington.

Will it really be one of the movie events of the year, as the film’s narcissistic marketing department claims?

Talk to Me (Danny Philippu and Michael Philippu, September 28)

movie in the cinema

Talk to me this is the first feature film Danny Philip AND Michael Philipputwo Australian brothers who seem to have built a cult on their first try.

It’s already out in the rest of the world and has been talked about a lot, so much so that it seems to be considered the horror of the year, if not the debut of the year.

Not only that: it also turned out to be the second-best debut by independent distribution house A24 (the first, unsurpassed, remains hereditary From Ari Aster), its continuation has already been confirmed the other day: Talk to me together. At the speed of Internet Explorer, we see it creeping into our rooms. Can’t be missed.

Dog Man (Luc Besson, September 28)

cinema cinema

We end the month with a controversial Luc Besson, who is perhaps unwittingly approaching the first director of this guide with his new film. Remember our Dogman Matthew Garrone? In 2018, he won awards for telling the dramatic story of Canario della Magliana in an urban western of sorts.

In Luc Besson’s The Dog, drama and dogs also take center stage, but this time it’s a complete thriller, just like the French director’s best filmography. After some disastrous results in science fiction Lucy (2014) e Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017), Besson was already trying to get back to his more pleasant playground with Anna, a 2019 film that split reviews into two parts: terrible from critics and excellent from the public. Can Dogman get everyone back on track?

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