Guillermo Barrios reveals he was a victim of sexual abuse: Here’s his shocking story

Guillermo Barrios He said he was abused by close relatives when he was a the air afternoon (USA), the team member surprised his colleagues by vulgar story.

I was abused by a close relative. Many people know it. I’m not saying this to victimize myself, or to make them think that this happened to me, even though it happened to me and my life was a mess…”, he said frankly.

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“The problem is, they abused me when I was a child. This is for the victims today who are on the other side, for the parents, guardians, uncles… when they abused me, I was abused by a familiar heterosexual man who was not on drugs.“, he denounced.

Hear the shocking story of journalist Guillermo Barrios. (Photo: Capturing America)

“What I want everyone to be clear about is that addiction, as terrible as it is, has nothing to do with perversion. Nor has it to do with sexual selection, because sometimes these abuses are confused with that: it’s not sexual selection, This is a perversion and has nothing to do with addiction“, hold on. “These people are sick and violate everything,” he said.He raped you from head to toe. Leave a lifelong mark on you“.

He then stressed the importance of always paying attention at home and at school “because children talk in a certain way”. “It’s not my thing because I can’t do it. But the boys can talk. And, even though we are not the same, because we will never be the same, we can somehow be happyit’s a state that you can feel from time to time,” Barrios continued.

Karina Mazzocco asked him how his abuser manipulated him into not telling what happened, recalling: “The phrase is “Who will believe you?”, “You’re just gay.” Because I’ve always been like this, neither bad nor good, that’s who I am. Whether it’s feminine or whatever, it’s just me. And then ‘Look, if you talk, no one will believe you…'”.

Guille Barrios reveals what triggered late-stage bilateral pneumonia

mid-July, Guillermo Barrios worried about a case of late-stage bilateral pneumonia. After fighting for his life, the journalist reappeared on social networks, reconnecting with his followers through the well-known Q&A feed.

Guille Barrios answered questions from his followers online. (Photo: Instagram/okguillebarrios)

In his room at the Finoccito nursing home, he spoke of his deteriorating health. There, he reported the diagnosis, explaining that the condition appeared “from one day to the next,” with the first warning being severe back pain.

When one follower wondered what could have caused the condition at such a young age, Barrios noted: “I smoke like a toad…I say I smoke because I will never touch a cigarette again in my life.”

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