Guillermo Tellier health update

The Chilean University Clinical Hospital confirmed that the leader of the Chilean Communist Party is still receiving treatment in the hospital and “is in a stable condition.”

exist “Stable condition” still receiving treatment in hospital Chilean University Clinical Hospital Chairman of the Communist Party, William Tellier.

After the rumors emerged, the medical organization confirmed this with a statement Leader’s health deteriorates.

General Secretary of the CPPCC National Committee, Lautaro CarmonaIt was the community that asked the hospital to issue the above statement. Then, facing “rather malicious rumor“.

In addition to this, Carmona also detailed Tyrell’s “Clinical hospital reports condition is under control and stable” and”he’s fighting an uphill battle“.

Tyrell’s recovery

The Secretary-General of the National Commission also stated that Guillermo Tellier “undergoing treatment, physical conditioning“.

“When the layover is long, from a rest point of view, you not only recover from the internal problems, but also from the physical capacity,” Carmona told Tele13 radio.

So that means more time to stay intact once discharged.“, precise.

On Tuesday, the University Clinical Hospital of Chile issued a statement confirming that Patient in “stable condition”.

infected with COVID-19

you have to remember this William Tellier He had already been hospitalized once before with medical problems. Coronavirus disease.

My impression is that the impact of the corona virus has passed because I came out of the restrictions very well’, he said in March last year.

“After a few days, my body was affected. Joint pain, lung congestion from coughing, pneumonia, I managed to get rid of these symptoms within three months.‘ he added at the time.

The Communist Party debunked rumors of his death last June Community Chair.

“We call on the whole party and youth don’t go along with rumors of this nature And always wait for information through the official and organic channels we have,” PC said.

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