Guilty Gear Strive update removes mentions of Taiwan, Tibet and Mongolia in game lore

The latest update for Guilty Gear Strive removed mentions of Taiwan and Tibet from the game encyclopedia.

The update was made a week ago, but only recently hit ResetEra in a post from user AAK. The update appears to have been released in chunks as some users reported that the glossary entries for them have not changed.

The changes revolve around a glossary entry titled International Relations After the Crusades, which discusses some of the world’s history of the Guilty Gear universe. Guilty Gear cites several real-life locations despite being fictional, and some of them include Taiwan, Tibet, Korea, Singapore, Mongolia, Siberia, and Uyghur, all of which were mentioned in the glossary entry.

Before the update, the entry read: “Countries with a high population density and a propensity to import their food, such as Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore, could not solve their country’s problems with energy alone.”

In another section of the glossary, there are links to more countries: “China has expanded its borders even further to include Uyghur, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Mongolia, and Siberia – regions with fewer populations but more natural resources.”

After the update, this initial section removes specific references and says “Countries and regions in Asia”, and the second entry replaces China with “Federation of China” and removes any specific country references.

The censorship most likely took place in order for the Guilty Gear Strive to go on sale in the Chinese market and therefore must be approved by the Chinese government. The Chinese government is incredibly strict on a few things, and something like Taiwan is a separate country will likely result in the game not being put up for sale.

Essentially, Arc System Works decided to pretend these countries don’t exist and exclude them from the game entirely in order to appeal to a specific market.


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