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“Don’t walk barefoot because you’ll get sick”, “Don’t sleep with wet hair”, “Apply mustard on burns”, “Chewing gum can get stuck in the stomach” Etc., these are all words that mothers often say in order to protect the family, but according to the doctor, these are all lies. polo warriorwho is also a content creator for the social network.

The doctor from Durango shares many videos on his social networks (he has a total of about 11 million followers), and in one of them he lists several points he points out: The lies my mother told her whole life.

He denied it from the beginning Walking barefoot can make you sick, because he said it wouldn’t hurt to walk without shoes and socks. Just like getting wet in the rain, sleeping with a fan or window open shouldn’t hurt.

Of course, you’ve no doubt heard mothers warn against these and many other myths, like avoiding fruit in the evening because it’s harmful, like them pointing out that looking at screens for too long can cause blindness, or Chewing gum sticks to the stomachaccording to health professionals, the situation is wrong.

He said air hitting you directly won’t paralyze your face; Snapping your fingers doesn’t cause arthritis, and playing video games doesn’t cause epilepsyFrequent shaving will not make beards grow faster, and milk cannot neutralize poisons.

Additionally, Polo Guerrero Clarified Sugar is not intended to treat acne, Hearing aids do not necessarily make a person deaf when listening at normal volumes. And eating spicy food does not necessarily cause gastritis.

Finally, according to influencers, natural remedies should not be used for burns. The bed is not made yet when I wake upyes you can eat and then take a shower or go to the swimming pool, subject to availability.

What other advice from your mom (probably wrong) do you remember?

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