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Guy Ritchie’s “Human Wrath” became the most popular film on “KinoPoisk HD” in June

The streaming service “KinoPoisk HD” summed up its traditional monthly results, announcing the twenty most popular films and TV series among its subscribers in June.

The unconditional leader was Guy Ritchie’s action movie “The Wrath of Man” with Jason State in the title role.┬áThe film appeared on the service eight weeks after the start of distribution, and in 12 days it was watched by more than 780 thousand viewers.

Also in the top three are the animated series “Rick and Morty”, which recently premiered the fifth season, and the series “Food Block”.

Top films and TV series “KinoPoisk HD” for June:

  1. “Human anger”
  2. “Rick and Morty”
  3. “Food block”
  4. “Mediator”
  5. Major Thunder: The Plague Doctor
  6. “The Croods: Housewarming”
  7. Knights of Justice
  8. “Great”
  9. The Handmaid’s Tale
  10. “Quiet place”
  11. Friends (All Seasons & Friends: Reunion)
  12. “Gentlemen”
  13. “Fast and the Furious” (entire series)
  14. Harry Potter (entire episode)
  15. “Good Doctor”
  16. “Manifesto”
  17. “100 thousand minutes together”
  18. “Ghost”
  19. “The devil is in the details”
  20. “Extreme space”

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