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Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and the beauty trick that brought them together in the 90s

Probably the cut of Hair matching between Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt It was one of the moments that will last in our retinas etched by fire, being the only memory of that nineties relationship. But behind that exact haircut and coloring there was much more, something that we can now learn from Gwyneth’s latest confession in Goop’s YouTube channel, your wellness platform.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt. (Getty)

The actress, turned into a businesswoman and guru of healthy life, boasts of not hiding absolutely any of her beauty tricks. The same talks about the botulinum toxin that he uses to keep wrinkles at bay, which he confesses that he is addicted to exfoliation to treat blemishes, giving names of doctors and cosmetics. It does not hide its star treatments or its strict diet.

Of course, in her policy of not hiding any beauty practices, the day has come to talk about her hair. Her languid platinum blonde hair, with long layers and an unflappable haircut, which has survived for decades, was not always like this. “I wore it brown, but my natural hair is blonde,” he claimed firmly when asked if he dyed his hair. Darkening his hair due to the demands of the script damaged it for a season, forcing it to be curly. But the fact of the matter is not in Gwyn’s natural hair color, but in why in 1997 Brad and Gwyn wore the exact same cut.

Gwyneth Paltrow, on Goop’s YouTube channel.

As soon as you see the snapshot in which the two very blond and very young actors wore the same haircut, tight at the nape and with long locks on the top of the head to create volume and play with the bangs, Gwyneth’s face charged a new expression. “Matching haircuts,” she pointed out with some embarrassment as she held up the photograph. “We were so blond,” he confessed. Immediately, the next question was if they planned the matching looks, to which Gwyneth assured that they did not, or at least that they were not doing it on purpose.

McFriend, the Hollywood hair friend

But then why did they have the exact same haircut and why could Jennifer Aniston, who at that time still didn’t know Brad, could be related to whoever was the hottest couple of the moment? Although they did not cut their hair to match, they did share the stylist, specifically the fledgling fashion hairdresser. “Chris McMillan cut our hair,” explained Gwyneth Paltrow to her followers.

In 1997, when Brad and Gwyneth walked their youthful love through the red carpets of Hollywood, Chris McMillan was immersed in creating what would become his haircut for posterity, the Rachel. While Pitt and Paltrow were already established actors, Jenn began to savor the honeys of fame with ‘Friends’ and his star haircut, full of layers and with enviable golden highlights, became the most demanded of the hairdressers. However, at the same time, the hairdresser also chiseled the hair of Brad and Gwyneth when they were a couple, being responsible for the fact that, without looking for it, both had the same haircut.

Jennifer Aniston, in a photoshoot for ‘Friends’ in 1995 (Getty)

The stylist’s scissors can be seen in the long layers that fell with volume and with very careful ends, creating movement and volume, just exactly like Jennifer Aniston’s signature hair. However, when Gwyneth ended her relationship with Brad and he began dating Jennifer, the actor’s hair did not wear those again. 90s locks and began to push his haircut much more, approaching a aesthetic plus Y2K. While it is true that Jenn and Brad were a couple of the most equal, their hair was never exactly the same, a difference that increased after the most notorious divorce in the history of celluloid.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, in a 2004 picture (Getty)

Chris, who became one of Jennifer Aniston’s best friends and the actress’s loyal champion, took her side and her hair is the proof. The natural coloring, made up of hundreds of tiny golden strands, woven together to create natural blonde hair, and Aniston’s everlasting mane they always bear the McMillan stamp, unlike Gwyneth’s platinum blonde, more homogeneous and cold, in which the characteristic hairdresser scissors are not appreciated either.

It all started with Brad, or rather it all started with Chris. Gwyneth’s style evolved differently from Aniston’s; However, to this day, both are entrepreneurs in the world of beauty. While Paltrow has the Goop empire, among whose cosmetics the GOOPGLOW Restore + Shine Hair Serum stands out, a hair oil to hydrate, add shine and protect the hair, in the firm of Aniston, Lolavie, we find a precise list of references for care of the hair with which the actress promises that she will get nothing less than hers.

Both Gwyneth and Jennifer have found in hair care an important sector to see their checking accounts healthy and, in a short time, their hair care lines have received very positive evaluations, showing that what McMillan awakened in them has permeated their philosophy of life (and hair). The other aspect in which they both agree is that they do not want to know anything about Brad Pitt. After the moment at the SAG Awards when Brad approached Jenn and she gave him a condescending look, when Gwyneth Paltrow is asked about Brad – whom she confessed never having been in love with – in Goop’s latest publication, the actress is blunt: “Please don’t call him.”

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