Gwyneth Paltrow meets the full moon and goes on a social break

Gwyneth Paltrow, actress, e-commerce entrepreneur and influencer, announced her social media summer break with a post on Instagram. Here are the reasons.

A long time ago Gwyneth PaltrowAcademy Award for Shakespeare in love, now 50 years old, retired from the stage to become a full-time entrepreneur on the Internet. His last cinematic appearance dates back to 2019 in the latest film. Avengers, The finalbut this is from 2015 when he joined Johnny Depp V Mordecai, which does not have a main role. Ex-wife Chris Martinnow happily married to the director and producer Brad Falchukactually devoted herself to her e-commerce company, slime, with which she created body care products, as well as scented candles inspired by her vagina, which caused a lot of discussion and smiles. Through it all, Paltrow posted post on instagramwhich you see below in which it declares social break.

Gwyneth Paltrow and the reason for the break with social networks

In signature Gwyneth Paltrow writes. “I carry the energy of this full moon with me when I take a break from social media. I will work on being present. Happy summer.” Many fans welcomed his decision to take time for himself and, we believe, family (as we all more or less should do by reducing our presence in society), but there were those who were disappointed, and she offered to reconsider. as one subscriber wrote: “Please tell me this is not true! I don’t think I’ll make it through summer without your “ask me something” series with three desperate emojis. Maybe it’s just an ironic comment, who knows, but sometimes it’s nice to remember that there is real life and enjoy the summer live.

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