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Gwyneth Paltrow on whether Brad Pitt copies his girlfriends’ hair

gwyneth paltrow and brad pitt, in a file photo

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    Every once in a while on the internet I come across that meme that is already a classic in which it appears Brad Pitt in various photos with their ex-partners wearing the same haircut than them. I’m not exaggerating: exactly the same. A coincidence that a few years ago became viral news when a newspaper addressed the matter and titled “Brad: the man who likes to look like his girlfriends.” Then, and for the first time, this mystery was put on the table that has remained unanswered … until now, when Gwyneth paltrow has almost inadvertently confirmed this pop theory.

    Last weekend the interpreter recognized in a video of ‘The Goop’, her health and wellness company valued at more than 215 million dollars, that the famous ‘look’ with which she poses with Pitt on the red carpet of the movie ‘The Devils Own’ was not entirely fortuitous. It is an event that both, who were then one of the best avenue couples in Hollywood, attended in 1997 and in which they went with the same haircut. According to her, “we went to the same stylist for the cut. Chris McMillan cut both of us hair like that”. However, the interpreter acknowledged that, by the time they went to the beauty salon, she had no idea that Pitt was going to also choose that hair ‘look’, thus confirming the theory that kept us all awake. This is the Twitter thread that demonstrates the constant plagiarism.

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    Chance or imitation?

    That is, according to Paltrow’s words, the actor would have been inspired to get that haircut – which, by the way, had 10 left – when she would have had it first in his company. A pattern that would have repeated later alongside Jennifer Aniston, with whom he shared crazy hair with blonde highlights; Angelina Jolie, of whom he adopted a sober jet-colored mane and Juliette Lewis, of whom he emulated a typical nineties mane. All very crazy.

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    Of course, Pitt has never made any kind of statement about it … although in reality it is not necessary, since the hair tributes are quite evident 😂

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