Gymnastics thrashed Talleres, River celebrates and Central suffers

Gimnasia y Esgrima defeated Talleres de Córdoba this Tuesday by 5 to 2 in a vibrant match full of emotions that left La Plata on the brink of entering the South American 2022 and River on the verge of being crowned champion, in a match corresponding to the 22nd date of the Professional League.

With this victory obtained on their return to the forest after the opening of the quotas, those led by Néstor Gorosito added 34 points, to one of Colón, and were on the verge of playing the next South American, after the result that was the one that the least expected. scoundrels.

In an intense match in which both teams surrendered when looking for the rival goal, the one led by Néstor “Pipo” Gorosito knew how to find in the Cordoba midfield the weak point of those led by Alexander Medina, who pressed at the time of In search of the result, they were victims of a fiery albiazul forward, which had Luis “Pulga” Rodríguez as its high point.

Just a little step below the Flea are Brahian Alemán, goalkeeper Rodrigo Rey, Perla Erik Ramírez, veteran Lucas Licht and flyers Nery Leyes and Manuel Insaurralde, as the figures around which Gimnasia built the triumph.

The initial pressure from Talleres was taking effect and pushing Gimnasia against the Rey arch, with appearances by Héctor Fertoli, Diego Valoyes, Carlos Auzqui and full-back Enzo Díaz, while Nery Layes struggled to win the half from Cordoba.

At 5 minutes Rafael Pérez committed a very hard foul near the middle of the court. Pulga Rodríguez took charge of the free kick and the notable footballer took advantage of his punch and the Cordovan dogma of brand in the free kicks very far from the area, to put an impeccable ball to the penalty spot for the Colombian Johan Carbonero, who dominated it and He executed Guido Herrera very calmly.

Cacique Alexander Medina “shouted four times” so that his followers would not fall and Talleres went to look for the Wolf, who, faithful to the mischief of Gorosito and El Pulga, was waiting in a very intelligent way to strike back.

Gymnastics, he stood in the midfield and worked the stopped ball very well and with the advantage in his favor he gave the ball to the Cordoba team that pressed him high, he waited for him to counterattack him.

Thus, those led by Medina had a new opportunity in which Diego Valoyes entered the area with a dominated ball but ran into Rodrigo Rey who knew how to reduce the angle for the shot.

At 15 ‘Talleres again turned in attack, Michael Santos knew how to take advantage of a defensive error by Germán Guiffrey and hit it over the goalkeeper, but the ball in an incredible way fell behind the goal.

The statistics showed that Talleres had greater possession of the ball, but the control of the game and the game belonged to Gymnastics and that was confirmed after 38 minutes, when the Flea recovered a ball passing the middle of the court, he put a pike hoping that his teammates opened and gave it to Erick Ramírez who faced Herrera, the goalkeeper covered, but bounced and there the jewel of the wolf took it again and put it from a very closed angle.

When he returned for the second half, Talleres tried to untie Gorosito’s skein, and he succeeded in the 8th minute when Michael Santos left the area, accumulated rivals and opened for the arrival of Nahuel Tenaglia, who put a very treacherous low center that Enzo Díaz pushed about a Gymnastics defender.

Years of bad streak fell on the memory of the gymnastics fans, until Ramírez gathered Cordovan players and spiked quickly with the controlled ball and when they all went with him, he opened to the right for the Flea to define with great quality. Thus the native of Simoca cleared the ghosts of the wolf fanas.

The match gained in electricity at 18 minutes when Valoyes threw an impeccable cross that Komar sent to the bottom of the La Plata net, raising and lowering it with precision to the bottom of the net after a corner kick.

After minutes of entangled play, Gimnasia recovered the ball in three quarters, enabled with a long pass to newly entered Rodrigo Holgado, who faced Herrera, who knocked him down. Luchas Litch was in charge of the penalty, who converted the fourth goal for Gimnasia.

At the end of the game, Brahian Alemán and El Pulga entertained the ball at the exit of a corner until Gerometta spike to the area, received the ball and the lack of Auzqui, for which Rey Hilfer took a penalty. With a very powerful shot, Alemán took the penalty and scored the wolf’s fifth goal to close the game.


Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata: Rodrigo Rey; Francisco Gerometta, Leonardo Morales, Germán Guiffrey and Lucas Licht; Manuel Insaurralde, Brahian Alemán, Nery Leyes and Johan Carbonero; Luis Rodríguez and Eric Ramírez. DT: Nestor Gorosito.

Córdoba workshops: Guido Herrera; Nahuel Tenaglia, Juan Cruz Komar, Rafael Pérez and Enzo Díaz; Rodrigo Villagra, Francis Mac Allister; Diego Valoyes, Héctor Fértoli and Carlos Auzqui; Michael Santos. DT: Alexander Medina.

Goals: 7 ‘Carbonero (G), 38’ Ramirez (G), 54 ‘Díaz (T), 55’ Rodríguez (G), 63 ‘Komar (T), 76’ Licht (G) and 90 ‘Alemán (G) .

Changes: 45 ‘Juan Cruz Esquivel for Fertoli (T), 66’ Rodrigo Holgado for Ramírez (W), 75 ‘José David Romero for Mac Allister (T), 77’ Mateo Retegui for Santos (T), 84 ‘Guillermo Enrique for Carbonero (G), 86 ‘Diego García for Tenaglia (T), 93’ Matías Miranda for Aleman (G) and Benjamín Domínguez for Rodríguez (G).

Admonished: Guillermo Enrique (G). Pérez, Enzo Díaz, Herrera, Tenaglia and Valoyes (T).

Referee: Leandro Rey Hilfer.

Court: Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata.

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