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H1Z1 is one of the most interesting, recently developed MMO games. If you appreciate this type of games, H1Z1 will surely meet your expectations and will provide you with many hours of entertainment at the computer. The creators of the game – Daybreak Game Company studio, created a game based on the realities of the apocalypse, a game in which the only thing certain is death, and for health, life and – simply put – for survival, you just have to fight, this fight is usually quite difficult, requiring intelligence , cleverness, the will to survive and a bit of luck. By clicking H1Z1 Download, you can easily find yourself in a world where many players fight for the survival of their characters and act for the same purpose. The creators of the game made sure that the player could play alone or in a team. The game server is a place where you can find even thousands of players and play with them. The game is free to play, it is free, but it should be noted that it is possible to purchase certain items for a fee. Importantly, many of these things can help us during the game, so it’s worth spending a little money again and again. Thanks to shopping, the game can be much easier.

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H1Z1 is a virus that decimated the world several years before the beginning of this game. There are only a very small handful of people left in the world who are forced to fight ruthlessly for survival. Our task is clear. Being in the same world as these people and in order to survive, we must do exactly the same. Only this course of action can help us achieve our goal. The most important possible goal, i.e. life.

The starting point in the game was a random town located in the United States, but currently the game world is much larger, and moreover, players can successfully expand it. There are many ways to expand the world. The player can clear forest areas, build houses and other shelters in their place. The possibility of cooperation between players gives the opportunity to build entire settlements and – importantly – work together, which can help tremendously in achieving the goal of survival. Unfortunately, survival in a shattered and very dangerous world is extremely difficult. In a devastated post-apocalypse world, dangers must still be contended. The most important are the hordes of living dead and wild animals. Other players can also be a danger, because in the game you can not only create, build, but also destroy what others have built, set fire to other players’ houses, attack them and kill them. The H1Z1 game is not only a struggle for survival, but also the necessity to meet the everyday needs of your characters, i.e. the need to get food or get a place to sleep.

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In H1Z1 for download, the world created in the game is very realistic and dark, so the game will appeal to all who appreciate the ability to move in such climates, the chance to test yourself in a game in which you have to create something out of nothing, and the constant risk is death. Many players playing the game and the cooperation between them is an additional advantage of the game, a guarantee of unforeseen events, but also a risk, because there is never a guarantee that another cooperating group will not decide to attack us. Thanks to micropayments, there is an option to order the necessary things. There are no specific levels in the game or a chance to advance to higher levels. In case of death, the game simply starts over from scratch, so it’s a good idea to act so as not to get killed

H1Z1 download . Download the game and find yourself in a difficult and dangerous world. Act, cooperate, and if necessary, destroy and kill it. Survival is the goal. You must remember this

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