Haaland joked about airplanes on September 11 and was attacked online (MEMES) – Fox Sports

For what would be considered a bad joke on a sensitive date, Erling Haaland singled out on social media after tweeting airplane puns this September 11which marks twin towers terrorist attack.

The Manchester City striker posted a photo on his X account of himself controlling the ball in the air.In the title, Erling played with his name, calling it air spirittaking the word “Air” and using airplane emoji.

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Although athletes like the legendary Michael Jordan have also used the term “Air” To be sure, Android was criticized for using that reference 22 years after its release. Planes attack the Twin Towers New York State September 11, 2001.

Memes and criticism of Haaland

The coverage of the above Android post (so far) is almost 15 million viewswith more than 11,000 retweets and nearly 120,000 likes, in addition to thousands of comments, many of which lamented the publication’s lack of wit.

someone edited Haaland’s image plastered with Osama bin Laden’s faceThe leader of the terrorist organization al-Qaida, he claimed to be the culprit for despicable acts committed in New York decades ago.

These terrorist acts triggered Nearly 3,000 people diedAccording to official U.S. government data. It must be remembered that on the same day, another plane crashed into the Pentagon and a fourth plane crashed in Pennsylvania after passengers prevented terrorists from taking them to the Capitol.

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