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DAZN Presents Edge – the story of Habakkuk BaldonadoDocumentary that tells the incredible life of young Roman who conquered the role of defensive end american football Coming to the team as an undrafted free agent New York Giants. On the night of April 28, the 2023 NFL Draft was held, and Haba — as his friends call him — could become a legend as the first NFL player “Italian School” Never drafted. Although he did not succeed, a few hours after the event his dream of playing in the NFL came true, bringing home a contract with the prestigious and titled New York franchise.

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The story of Habakkuk Baldonado follows an exciting narrative line, thanks to the stages of his personal and sporting journey and the evolution of the draft, with team choices that follow one after another, and wait for the fateful phone call. grew up in Rome Haba – like many teenagers – began playing football in school, but soon his curiosity was drawn to the most popular sport in the United States, American football. A curiosity that quickly becomes an obsession: It starts from within lazio marine, He has his first team in the Euro district and it is there, thanks to his coach, Guido Cavallini, that he manages to keep in touch with the head coach of nearby Clearwater Academy Int. Tampa Florida. Flustered, only 17 years old, but with a great desire to grow and fight, he went overseas to pursue his dream. Suffers a nagging injury that seriously jeopardizes his career, but Haba manages to recover and play a great season, attracting the attention of the most prestigious colleges in the United States. arrive atUniversity of Pittsburgh, Where he spends intense and difficult years and finds himself battling misfortune and injuries. Thanks to his patience, he manages to rise once again and reach important goals, rapidly improving the quality of his play, eventually becoming eligible for the draft.

Baldonado’s dream

Prep tests begin, matches to come Pro Bowl, East-West Shrine Bowl and The Combine, but the last mountain to climb, the last fundamental step on this arduous path, is the 2023 draft, the process of selecting the best players from American universities by NFL franchises. Haba decides to live this moment with his mother in Clearwater, the home of his host family Paula and her brother Jonathan, expecting to receive the fateful phone call from the team. These are the most important days of his entire career, a series of ups and downs that will test him once again: waiting, hoping, decisions made at short notice and moments of high tension. Habakkuk Baldonado He didn’t become the first Italian player drafted in the NFL Draft, but his dream soon came true, signing as an undrafted free agent for the New York Giants. “Edge” tells of a great passion, of a life dedicated to chasing a dream, but it is also a behind-the-scenes journeyNFLA game in which starting from the player selection process everything becomes entertainment.

Baldonado’s words

A competitive and engaging world, with logic and mechanics different from any other game. ,This project serves to give voice to my story, I hope it can be an example, and that it can inspire anyone who is looking for the strength to chase their dreams, no matter how many Why not be crazy and weird. I also hope that my journey can further inspire all the kids who want to start practicing this beautiful sport in Europe. My life has been full of battles and overwhelming obstacles which I have always faced and straight ahead without turning back, and this has led me to where I am today. As long as I can breathe, I will keep fighting to achieve my dreams and goals. Never give up, and most importantly, never stop dreaming.” Comment Habakkuk Baldonado, American football player for the New York Giants. ,Habakkuk Baldonado’s story is rhetoric-proof, and it’s a nice relief. It’s an artistic X-ray that slowly creeps into Baldonado’s personal story, playing between dry personal memories and the opinions of those who loved him and those who met him along the way. two categories that coincide, and also give an idea of ​​character, – he declares Roberto Gota – DAZN NFL Commentator and Documentary Co-Writer – We are with him but we are not him, and this allows us to admire him even more.”

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