Hackney Diamonds is the new album from the Rolling Stones.

New album from Rolling Stonesfirst unpublished since publication in the big bang 2005, will be released very soon: officially this time. According to many magazines, a specific advertisement appeared in the pages of a local English newspaper (below) touting the start of business for Hackney Diamonds (maybe that’s the name of the band’s new studio project?), a glass repair company. .

The ad contains many clues pointing to stones: logo in the shape of a tongue, a slogan containing verses Give me Schleter AND Broken, the inscription “Est. 1962”, indicating the year the band was founded, and website which contains information about the processing of personal data by the Universal Music Group, which manages the group’s directory. Mick Jagger. In addition, in the past few hours, along with the announcement in the Hackney Gazette, the album cover and the band’s new logo began to circulate on social media.

According to the rumors circulating on the net during these hours, the new album Rolling Stones produced Andrew Watts (Ozzy Osbourne, Dua Lipa, Eddie Vedder, Cardi B) and will include collaboration with Paul McCartney and historical band bassist Bill WymanV stones from 1962 to 1993. Hackney Diamonds should come out in October.

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