Hailee Steinfeld supports Jeremy Renner after accident: ‘He’s a real superhero’

Earlier this year, Jeremy Renner (translator Clint Barton pseudonym Hawkeye V Marvel Cinematic Universe) was seriously injured after he was hit while using a snowcat – a tracked vehicle used in the mountains – to rescue his grandson, who was stuck in the snow on his property near Rose-Ski Tahoe Mountain. The actor spent a long period in intensive care, breaking more than thirty-five bones, but fortunately, he is now recovering and has put the worst behind him.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Hailee Steinfeld (translator Kate Bishop) commented on the latest news about the actor’s health:

If there is a true superhero in real life, it is Jeremy Renner. I’m very happy to see how well he is recovering. So I guess I can say that I’m not surprised. It’s incredibly powerful. The amount of strength, courage and courage she showed throughout her recovery process was amazing. I saw him a few weeks ago and again he is a superhero.

Steinfeld previously commented on the incident, saying that she and Renner have a similar relationship with their characters. Marvel:

I spoke to him. I talk about this emotionally. I’m so grateful he’s okay. He truly made a miraculous recovery. I thought about how excited I was to meet him, and then I realized very quickly: I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I’ll do it for Jeremy: how Kate Bishop and for Clint Barton, I have this with Jeremy. I’m very grateful that he’s okay. He’s more than okay. He’s a fighter.

Hawkeye: Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner on 'Hunger Games' Joke - The Hollywood Reporter

TMZ had the opportunity to interview some of the people at the scene and reported that Jeremy Renner He was taken to hospital after his snowcat flipped on his leg, seriously injuring him and causing him to lose a large amount of blood. At the same time, according to the site, the wounds are deep and, in addition to the leg, other parts of the body are damaged.

The police report (reported to CNN) says the actor used a snowcat to help his nephew pull a van out of a ditch, and later tried to save the boy from imminent impact when the huge vehicle accidentally ran over him, breaking more than 30 bones and causing serious injuries:

The snowplow began to slide, forcing Renner to exit the vehicle. Although the car had some mechanical problems, according to our inspection, the parking brake would have prevented the Pistenbully from moving forward. When Renner tried to stop or steer the car to prevent his nephew from being injured, he was pulled under the car and struck.

The spokesperson’s initial statement read:

We can confirm that Jeremy Renner is in critical but stable condition after being injured in a snowmobile accident related to poor weather conditions. His family is with him and he is receiving excellent medical care.

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