Hailey Bieber arrives to show us how to wear latte makeup

hourAilee Bieber shares how to show off milk makeup, the current beauty trend that’s taken over Tik Tok (and beyond)

Hailey Bieber Instagram shows you how to brag makeup milk, summer beauty trend, viral on Tik Tok. A warm and enveloping make-up in shades of cappuccino and caramel that can give the face a radiant and tanned look.

The beauty trend of the moment has captivated many stars, including Hailey Bieber, who reveals the makeup result on social media, a real obsession for makeup artists, influencers and beauty lovers. What makes this technique special? Shading effect – thanks to the skillful use of brushes – on warm bronze tones, ideal for maximizing tanned skin. The beauty of this technique is that it gives a completely natural yet super bright look.

Where does this trend come from? It was actually created by Thaniel Jai, makeup artist and creator of caramel tanned makeup – now back in 2018. A beauty A few years later, it went viral and spread on Tik Tok and Instagram with a special hashtag.

How is milk cosmetics made? The necessary elements for its preparation are foundation, highlighter and bronzer. Products that, in combination with each other, give the effect of tanning and radiance. It starts with a very light foundation made with contouring, perfect for modeling the face in the best possible way. Then we begin to illuminate such strategic points as the inner corner of the eye, cheekbones and the brow area. Apply a warm-colored eyeshadow to this area, such as orange, brown or pinkto be supplemented final shimmer.

The secret to the finishing touch is provided by Hailey Bieber, who finishes the look with a swipe of smudged pencil and plenty of mascara, perfect for sharpening the look. An additional trick is to draw the freckles just mentioned on the cheekbones and nose using a simple eyebrow pen. Incredible advice to give even more insight into your skin being kissed by the sun.

And if light lipstick is undeniably the go-to latte blush, super-shine and 90s-inspired lips can’t be missing in shades of rosewood, hazelnut, brick or cappuccino. Apply a pencil to the upper lip area, cupid’s bow and lower lip, then blend with a fluffy brush. Finish off with a dash of bronze, caramel, or gold glitter for a full-blown glow on summer evenings.

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