Hailey Bieber, beauty between Barbie and 2000. But the strawberry French manicure is just amazing.

VLooking to show off a stunning look inspired by the latest trends? Here’s an inspiring muse to keep an eye on, Hailey Bieber, between a strawberry jacket and stunning makeup.

And if this really has to be Barbie mania, then let it be from every angle, from the outfit to the makeup and manicure. Perhaps choosing one strawberries in french like the one he wore Hailey Bieber. A combination of glamor and trend that really catches the eye and gives the look a stunning chic.

The trick of mixing pink colors, typical of the world of sequins and all pink barbie, with the Y2K aesthetic loved by celebrities and Hailey Bieber in particular. Which flaunts it at every opportunity, from the most casual to street style and up to gala evenings and the covers of leading magazines. True beauty must have and beauty look which is worth repeating.

And let’s start with this, with the unique makeup of the model, which appeared on Instagram. Sophisticated makeup, one might say, almost minimal, in nude tones, focusing on the eyes. A beauty look that plans to lighten up your cheeks with a layer of foundation. blush or highlighter, lipstick in nude tones and very gentle eye makeup. With nude or earthy eyeshadow, but almost invisible, mascara and a hint of glamour, givenEyeliner. A detail that elongates the look with a side ponytail that accentuates the shape of Hailey Bieber’s eyes and her innate magnetism.

But be careful, because the highlight of Hailey’s beauty image is yet to come – her unusual strawberry jacket.

A piece of pure charm worth copying immediately. How? Obviously, step by step repeating manicure models, starting with the shape of her nails. Because, let’s face it, strawberry French cooked to perfection, le almond nails like Hailey Bieber, really the best. Rounded on top and medium length, the wide rim is tinted in shades of pink, almost bubblegum-like, and the rest of it stands out bright red dizzyingly opaque.

As they say, only two colors for the result you define. exceptional it is not enough. A strawberry jacket that goes well with the most popular trend of today, inspired by Barbie. But a beautiful look that generally resembles the aesthetic favored by a celebrity and exponentially increases her innate charm. A combo worth trying!

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