Hailey Bieber hair color fall 2023

There are colors and hair colors. There are colors created specifically for the person destined to wear them. Shades that can then become iconic and spread to many other heads. Circumstance occurring with a renamed color Cinnamon Cookie Butter from the same colorist who invented it, Matt Rez. A master of color, he manages to invent original but natural shades: he is the one who takes care of the hair tone of Adele and Kendall Jenner, Sydney Sweeney and Florence Pugh. It was he who invented the warmest and most delicious hair color for fall 2023. As evidenced by Hailey Bieber’s curls.

Fall hair color 2023, cinnamon biscuit shades

It’s model and Rhode founder Hailey Bieber’s hair that first shines with its sweet cinnamon butter cookie color. Chromatic sophistication created just for her by her trusted colorist. Matt Rez, global celebrity colorist and Moroccanoil product ambassador, decided to take inspiration from the spicy and aromatic cookie to add a subtle touch of color to Hailey Bieber’s hair. The shade is ideal for the autumn period, as it will add sweetness, warmth and brightness to the grayest, cloudiest days. Cinnamon Cookie Butter Fall 2023 hair color is also perfect for winter and Christmas. Since the famous cookies are traditionally prepared and consumed during the holidays.

Dark brown hair with brown highlights

With the arrival of autumn foliage offers new color scenarios. Cinnamon cookie butter takes on one of the many colors that deciduous trees have these days. Thus, Hailey Bieber’s bob in the new shade, created by Matt Rez, abandons the brown color reflected in the golden blonde (from honey to ripe wheat) and becomes dark blonde, enlivened by brown highlights. Which become more red or more golden depending on the lighting and exposure. The hair color, which replicates the color of cinnamon and butter biscuit, is also in complete color harmony with the color of the leaves of the trees, which can take on many nuances at this time of year. Highlights are perfect for adding a new personality to short haircuts like Hailey Bieber’s bob. These new shades and highlights give the hairstyle a new movement. Among the new hair colors for fall 2023 is Bropper: dark or light brown, dyed copper.

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