now stop. If Hailey Bieber had to pick a book title to tell the story of his feud with Selena Gomez, this would probably be it. From whom do we infer this? From her last interview to “The Circuit” on Bloomberg, the entrepreneur and wife of Justin Bieber opened up on a wide range of topics. Even with respect to a “dear enemy” who may not be such an enemy. Hailey is fed up. “I don’t think it’s about me, Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez. This is not about this confrontation between two women – it is about the vile and blatant hatred that can come from completely fabricated, distorted and perpetuated narratives that can be extremely dangerous,” she says.

The entrepreneur does not tolerate division into “teams” in favor of one or the other, because this is not his goal. And when the interviewer asked about the narrative that has been created by two women against each other because of one man is quite regressive, Hailey says: “I hate it. I hated it from the start and later it was misunderstood. I say over and over again that it’s okay and it’s so disappointing that people still do this to a man.” On the other hand, as has been repeatedly explained, the emotional relationship between Gomez and Bieber with Justin ” change” would be completely random, a web of flawed narratives from various fan clubs.

Hailey Bieber suffers from all these voices: “I don’t want some stupid drama to affect what I’m focused on and what I’m working on.” Stories exist for me that really hurt my feelings and make me really angry.” In order to find some comfort on social media and communicate with his audience in a “healthy” way, Bieber claims that She has found YouTube to be a “really welcoming and positive place”, as opposed to TikTok, which according to her would be “nasty and negative”..and talks about the “Nepo Baby” T-shirt she wore in January The reason for which he had already tried to explain: “The reason for wearing the T-shirt was not to make fun of him or to say: “Yeah, I’m a Nepo baby haha”. It was more to say, “That’s what everyone is saying and I want you to know that this is my way of responding.” She then added: “I will only call myself Nepo Baby, because I am, and I accept who I am”. However, the awareness that Webb would never understand: “It’s as if nothing was ever enough”.

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