Hailey Bieber has the most sought after and exclusive adidas Yeezy flip-flops of the summer, and they cost no more than 60 euros

the adidas Yeezy flip flops are the most affordable model of the footwear line of Kanye West for adidas. While its shoes are located in the premium segment of the brand with prices above 200 euros, flip flops do not exceed 60 euros, so they have become the most precious of each drop as confirmed by Lyst, the Google of fashion: the adidas Yeezy Slides are the most sought after product of the last quarter in the men’s section. Such is the success that each pair is able to multiply by 10 its resale price, especially the most exclusive models, such as the color “desert sand” that were only on sale on the website Yeezy Supply last April drop.

Made (with unisex perspective for adults, youth and babies) in molded EVA foam, with an XXL instep and a recognizable toothed sole reminiscent of the boots that Kanye West has also designed for adidas, Hailey Bieber’s flip-flops aren’t just any old ones. West’s fondness for earth tones when it comes to dressing is well known. A taste that has poured into his designs by dyeing them in colors such as “bone”, “resin”, “brown Earth” or “dessert sand” (“bone”, “resin”, “brown Earth” or the aforementioned “desert sand”). However, the peculiar exception that confirms the rule of this chromatic range is the color chosen by Hailey Bieber, the “Enflame orange” or “orange on” that looks in one of his latest Instagram photographs and that can only be obtained in the resale market or waiting for the next drop on August 21.


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