Hailey Bieber leads the way in hair trends

Daughter of art (her father is Stephen Baldwin), first a dancer, then a model and beauty entrepreneur (her brand Rodskin), Hailey Bieber is the epitome of cool and chic, so much so that he is one of the most famous and respected faces in the fashion industry.

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Trendsetter in DNA

Harsh and multifaceted, she has always stood out for her street looks as well as her beauty. strong mood of the 90s which eventually earned her the status of the undisputed it-girl, becoming not only a testament to fashion brands such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, but also beauty giants face such as L’OrĂ©al, Mac Cosmetics and many others in the industry.

Creating trends and able to instantly spread them (the latest was the Latte makeup, a caramel bronze makeup that made a splash this summer, Hailey Bieber always wore easy cool hair. In fact, every change in her hairstyle is accompanied by an unstoppable desire to have the same hairstyle as hers.

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From a platinum blonde long bob, often gathered into a top knot, perhaps with an elastic hair band or more inventive boxer braids, right down to ponytails of all sizes and types, maxi fringes or curtains (of which she is the undisputed queen) and elegant chignons were paraded mostly on the red carpet.

From blonde to brunette and back

Her gaze from blonde gone from the platinum shades of 2016 to the latest bronze. But without missing out on some exceptions, such as a period as a brunette or a few more pop moments with pink hair (we loved). Lately we’ve been seeing it in an even more natural and classy style: geometric coquette with a super glamorous clear center line Boyfriend Bob. Almost perfect and absolutely replicable if we want to shorten the length (reminder for the end of summer).

In short, even in terms of hair like Hailey Bieber, no one has ever seen her wear a new hair length or color every month, but never exaggerate anything.

Perhaps that is why many of us tend to follow his example. The queen of sublime minimalism, she proposes over and over again fabulous hairstyles but low profile and clearly how all her hair looks is quickly becoming the latest trend to follow.

And now, scroll down to be enchanted and inspired by Hailey Bieber hairstyles.

California style blonde

layered bob

Low pony in chocolate shade

Smooth helmet

Bicolor high pony

side parting

Pink bob with flowers

barbie pony

Waves of old Hollywood

Ballerina bun with a parting in the middle

Cappuccino color and long

Semi gathered fluffy

forehead bronze

Assembled in platinum shade

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