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Hailey Bieber supports Selena Gomez after talking about her health

Hailey Bieber showed that she fully supports Selena Gomez, after the singer will speak in an interview about her health problems.

Justin Bieber’s wife gave him “I like” the publication of Elle magazine on Instagram in which Selena Gomez appeared as the cover of the month of September.

It is not the first time that Hailey supports Selena, a couple of years ago she “liked” social media posts when she released the song “Rare”.

These public displays of support were given, after it was said that there was still rivalry between them, since Justin Bieber is Selena Gomez’s ex-boyfriend.

Selena Gomez’s statements in which she spoke about her health problems

Selena Gomez She said there have been times when she hasn’t felt strong enough, and dealing with her bipolar disorder was difficult for her when it came out.

“My lupus, my kidney transplant, chemotherapy, having a mental illness, having to face emotional breakups in the public eye. It is that there are many things that, honestly, could have defeated me “, Selena Gomez confessed.

The actress admitted that she has moved on because she wants to help more people who have felt the same way.

He also confessed in the interview for Elle that he does not manage his social networks for his mental health and that his assistant takes care of that.

“Suddenly I had to learn to be with myself. That was annoying, because before I could spend hours looking at other people’s lives. Now when my friends have something to talk about, they call me ”, confessed.

In the same way, he revealed that he does not plan to retire from the world of music, a statement that left all his followers very happy, who were afraid that he would announce his retirement.

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