Hailey Bieber, the perfect nails for summer are multicolored

The Romantic Era Is Over, Justin Bieber’s Wife Inaugurates the Psychedelic Nail Trend

AleA manicured glazed donut is just a memory. Hailey Bieber Dive into the summer of 2023 with mismatched multicolored nails. Between polka dot patterns, tortoise shell effects and ultra-detailed gradient colors

Hailey Bieber, queen of trendy manicures

Shining Reflections, Fluorescent Shades, Golden Arabesque. Thanks To Celebrity Manicurist Zola Ganzorigat’s Wife Justin Biber Has been the undisputed queen of nail trends for several summers. in the last vestiges of spring 2023 decree to enter into the coolest decorum right holiday mood: The psychedelic manicure

rainbow nail polish in 2023

Tank top, bikini, book and sarong. In her latest Instagram post, the 26-year-old supermodel promotes her latest product Care of skin Its road line, but adds a rich side dish of detail. in pictures celebrating the imminent arrival ofHeatmacros stand out multicolored enamels, perfect to combine with swimming costume to the crowd of fashion pop, and subtle tattoos which is the constellation of the fingers of the hands

mismatched but elegant nails

graphic nails granddaughter of Alec Baldwin They are completely different from each other. The long almond-shaped silhouette provides space to indulge with the most current versions first French manicure, which is rejected with a glossy and transparent base and top coat combined with fluorescent yellow colored tips

Images: Instagram @haileybieber

Another key color is Pantone’s of the Year, Viva Magenta used both as a base and in polka dot pattern On the nails of the outermost fingers.

But Selena Gomez’s BFF’s new manicure has some dark moments, too. After donut nails and minimalist nude ones, it’s time for a turtleneck pattern. In brown on a burgundy background and black on a transparent background, they’re the perfect contrast to the low gloss New hippie style. who modernize the glitz and glam on the fly multiple rings (currently there are about ten)

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