Hailey Bieber: the right nails for summer are multi-colored

la donut with manicure icing is just a memory. Hailey Bieber dives into summer 2023 with colorful nails. Between polka dots, tortoiseshell effect and ultra-detailed degraded flowers.

Hailey Bieber – the queen of fashionable manicure

Glazed reflections, fluorescent hues, golden arabesques. Thanks to the famous manicurist Zola Ganzorigt, wife Justin Bieber has been the undisputed queen of nail trends for many years. In the last remnants spring 2023 decree is the coolest decoration to enter the right celebration atmosphere: psychedelic manicure.

Rainbow nail polishes in 2023

Top, bikini, book and sarong. In her latest Instagram post, the 26-year-old supermodel advertises her latest product. skin care from its Rhode line, but adds a rich, detailed garnish. In the photos dedicated to the imminent arrivalsummermacros stand out multicolored enamels. Pairs perfectly with swimwear trendy pop music and many micro tattoo which form the constellations of the fingers.

Floral patterns, colorful jacket and pastel shades: spring manicure

Floral patterns, colorful jacket and pastel shades: spring manicure

Mismatched but elegant nails

graphic nails granddaughters Alec Baldwin they are completely different from each other. The long almond-shaped silhouette makes it possible to enjoy, above all, the most modern versions of the model. French manicure. It is completed with a glossy clear base and top coat combined with fluorescent yellow tips.

Images: Instagram @haileybieber

Another dominant shade is Pantone of the Year, Viva Magenta, used both as a base and in polka dot pattern on the nails of the extreme fingers.

But there are dark moments in BFF Selena Gomez’s new manicure. After donut nails and minimal nudes, it’s time for tortoiseshell patterns. Grays on a burgundy background and blacks on a transparent background are the right contrast to degraded flares in new hippie style. that upgrade shiny and sparkling on the fly multiple rings (At the moment there are about ten).


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