Hailey Bieber’s New Beauty Product You Must Have

There is already an exact date and a time as well. Hailey Bieber will launch her new beauty product on Thursday, June 15 at 9 am. The beauty icon, model and entrepreneur expands the Rhode family with a formula for the face, created to nourish and care for skin’s protective barrier.

where her bob cut and her hair color – mushroom brunette – are among the most loved and followed summer 2023 hair trends, as well as her frosted manicure, which is a nod to nautical colors for the summer season To be done, Hailey Baldwin Bieber is preparing for a celebration. years since the launch of her beauty brand. The birthday on June 15 is the perfect occasion for the launch of a new product, which combines the minimalist and highly appreciated line of models. Skincare and wellness expert, someone who trusts the founder of The Road. All of her advice and beauty choices are shared and followed: with her dosage and use of her moisturizing face cream, as are her selections of the best facialists. Follows the tips of model Biba de Sousa.

Hailey Bieber launches her essence

Hailey Bieber loves to mark important dates and events, anniversaries and anniversaries, with new launches and new products like the Vanilla Cake Peptide Lip Treatment, created to mark her birthday on November 22. Now another product marks the arrival of an important anniversary, the birthday of the road brand which turns one year old on June 15th. That day will come, Glazing Milk: an essence for the face based on ceramides and minerals such as copper, magnesium and zinc, with a milky texture that nourishes and hydrates the skin barrier, brightening the complexion while firming it and Smoothes and roughens the surface. , The glowing effect – which remains one of the first desired effects after applying a skincare product – is guaranteed. The formula, vegan and cruelty and gluten free also delivers long term results. With frequent and long-term use of Glazing Milk, redness of the skin will decrease and skin hydration will remain high. In order to ensure purchase, in case of any product launched by Rode, it is advised to subscribe to the waiting list already open on the site. There is also a video tutorial available online where Hailey Bieber with her makeup and hair shows in first person how to apply her essence. And what are its beauty benefits. Also immediately visible on the skin of the founder of the road.

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