Hailey Bieber bestows the title of summer 2023 beauty guru, but above all, the adorable nicknames that TikTok users love. After a Strawberry Girl makeover and a Glazed Donuts manicure, the model launches “Cinnamon Cookie Butter” on social media, a hair color that anticipates the allure of fall colors. Hailey Bieber’s new hairstyle, created in collaboration with hairstylist Matt Rez, is a bob with wavy strands of warm and luminous brown, reminiscent of cinnamon. When it comes to hair, Hailey Bieber has been a great source of inspiration in recent years. But this time around, that trend might not be quite its own.

@kylaleelee #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Kyla Lee

This offers us the TikToker @kylaleelee, who, a few days before Hailey Bieber’s beauty makeover, showed that the model liked two of her videos on the platform. “Hailey Bieber recently enjoyed two of my TikToks,” Kayla told her followers. “One of them is a 360-degree photo of (my hair) that I posted, and yesterday she posted a selfie on Instagram with her new hair color. Weird coincidence, don’t you think? In short, even Hailey Bieber took inspiration from TikTok for her style changes, and we’re sure cinnamon cookie butter will be the color of fall in no time.

Photo credit: Instagram profile @haileybieber

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