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Nono longer a confirmation, but now a fact: A bob haircut is the end of a summer haircut. Enough to be chosen even for a wedding. As demonstrated Margaret Qualley, actress and daughter Andie MacDowell, who had just married in Long Island, wore a vintage Marilyn Monroe bob. Also among the guests Cara Delevingne, always “bob”, but more minimalistic and strict.. And it also got a flurry of likes “Refreshed” post-holiday Zendaya bob. Evaporates at the right point.

Hair, late summer bob: the most chic length

Bob Margaret Qualley, chosen for her wedding, is very chic. Actress Andie MacDowell’s daughter’s haircut is wavy with a vintage twist. reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s hair: very soft hairstyle, voluminous, but at the same time natural. characterized by a deep lateral line that emphasizes the splendor of the hairits asymmetry frames the face of the actress.

How to make a fifties bob like Margaret Qualley? Side parting required to achieve starting with a cut along the center line and then moving it to the side to emphasize the structure of the hair, it is also important to add volume to the hair with products that regulate it and give it more thickness. Then we move on to the straightener, which is ideal for creating flat and light waves with the tips pointing down.

Zendaya and the new bob: one of the most popular sources of inspiration on the web

Zendaya and the new bob: one of the most popular sources of inspiration on the web

Cara Delevingne’s Minimal Bob

Cara Delevingne she was among the guests at Margaret Qualley’s wedding, reaffirming her love for that length of hair. On this occasion, the top was decorated Bob with a different attraction than the bride.

End of summer bob inspiration: On the left, Margot Qualley, who opted for a bob for her wedding, Zendaya just freshened it up, and Cara Delevingne opted for a minimalist and austere bob. (Getty Images/@zendaya Instagram)

Seeing her in the stands of Wimbledon, where she wore a ponytail accentuated with a scythe, she chose for her friend’s wedding a simpler and more substantial look: her bob was actually a minimalist, slightly wavy thanks to the flat waves just mentioned.

Zendaya and her bob lob ‘upgrade’

One of the first beauty rules when you return from vacation? Make an appointment with a hairdresser. He knows it well Zendaya who showed herself on Instagram stories with her new bob and the caption “I needed a light refresh.”

Behind the scissors is Sarah Shears, the Los Angeles-based hairdresser who designed the new version of the Zendaya bob.. Peculiarity? A play of volumes created by scaling, giving movement and recreating an eighties-style hairstyle. An additional detail is a fold with strictly curved tips.


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