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men’s haircut summer for excellence? AND short haircut. There zero shave or buzz cut (buzz) from English, because of the sound of the machine with which it is made, is therein the trend of the moment; also thanks to the vivid images of celebrities such as Damiano dei Maneskin who, like a true Roma fan, on the occasion of the Europa League showed off a yellow and red homemade shave. But men’s short haircut he also enjoys the favor of women; Florence Pugh demonstrated this to surprise, stunning, al Gala Concert this year, and the Iris Law model has made it iconic with multiple and eccentric interpretations, from platinum blonde versions, optical jewelery in the shape of small hearts, to sky blue.

How is a bust haircut done?

All you need is a razor and a skilled hand. This cut is, in fact, quite simple in its execution; however, for a flawless result, it is always better to trust a professional, rather than trying it yourself. As experts note, shaving is still a minor injury; therefore, it is better to start when the skin becomes more elastic, after washing with hot water, applying a moisturizer, and also paying attention to the blade, which should be new and sharp.

Who is it good for?

Buzz cut is the cut who generally gives to everyone; in any case, it is able to improve faces with a regular and clean hairline and a harmonious shape of the skull, neither too large nor too angular. In addition, it is a look that emphasizes pronounced cheekbones and reveals areas of the body that are usually more hidden, such as the neck and back of the head.

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Trimming noise is very easy, just cut everything. The cut does not require a lot of daily care due to the almost non-existent crease. We recommend using moisturizing or shaping styling ointments and regular touch-ups at the hairdresser, as a short cut brings out regrown hair much more noticeably than a long one; therefore, to maintain the desired effect, it is necessary to be constant. On the other hand, growing hair out will take a lot of time and patience, relying on the skillful hands of a professional who will know how to shape regrown hair, allowing the hair to grow in one direction. . In fact, you can’t just stop cutting them.

Buzz haircut variations

Alternative interpretations of this haircut are somewhat less radical, as they involve leaving a longer or shorter strand of hair on the head. baldness, for example, leave the length at a few centimeters, and then reduce to zero when you get to the back of the head and the sideburn area; while crop failuresimilar to bald, but differs from it in that it leaves a short bang on the forehead, cleanly cut.

Classic version

We recently spotted a clean rendition of the short haircut on the Dior Spring 2023 menswear runway. This look is reminiscent of a boyish style with a rebellious edge. Maybe that’s why Canadian singer Shawn Mendes gave us a break too? The artist, also known for her voluminous and wavy hair, has this to say about changing her look:

“I think everyone should know what he looks like with a shaved head,” he added, “I also felt the need to shake things up a bit.”

A haircut, especially if it is short and radical, always reveals the desire to manifest an inner change outward; so be patient if fans experience a little disappointment.

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Application version

From the mottled version introduced by Versace fall 2019 to the faded blue flecked version that Kidsuper saw in the spring 2023 collection. A short haircut is the perfect option for a spectacular look. To make it even more edgy, make room for bold colors like Fedez’s platinum blonde, Frank Ocean’s RGB green, or Gossip Girl model and actor Evan Mock’s bubblegum pink.

buzzing man |  Life&People magazineContrary to what I shortcuts are limiting, a short haircut reveals a high dynamic potential; in combination with eccentric colors, patterns and decorations, there is only a difficulty of choice for those who are not afraid to dare with creativity: it will be impossible to go unnoticed.

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