Hairstyle Inspo: 4 short cuts for top curly hair in 2023

Curly hair? Let’s cut it –

Tired of long hair but it’s unmanageable and afraid of the bush effect? Here are 4 short cuts for curly hair that you absolutely must try!

Anyone who doesn’t have straight hair like “spaghetti” knows very well that unfortunately a particularly risky cut it can completely ruin the look – especially when the air is particularly humid.

However, this year we are witnessing the return of the somewhat wildwild to put it in our words, and that therefore a bit of frizzy it might not be a big obstacle if we know how to handle it.

In fact, there are many products on the market today that allow even those with particularly difficult hair to daring with a new cutabandoning long hair for once (equally complicated in the drying phase).

So let’s see what they are 4 irresistible proposals of short cuts for curly hair!

Change look! Short cuts for curly hair to try absolutely

Without a doubt, in short, wavy or frizzy hair is difficult to manage and for convenience many choose to wear it long so as not to waste time with a thousand products and at the same time make sure that it does not swell excessively. Yet this year the wildest cut is back in fashion – the latest photos prove it Millie Bobby Brown – so why not try?

If you want to proceed calmly, especially if the hair tends to be very curly, you can opt for a cut just below the shoulders – the long bob – in order to prevent it from inflating excessively. In case you feel ready to revolutionize your style this year there are many bob lengths that are right for you!

The most irresistible is undoubtedly the wavy bob to be worn with a side parting to give a touch of dynamism to our look, but you can also try a slightly more daring length with a bob french bob (i.e. at jaw height), to be worn rigorously disheveled. Finally remember that halfway between the latter and the classic bob there is also shob with the long bangs that drove even the stars crazy this year.

From long to short while maintaining the volume –

The best products for curly hair, you too can cut them thanks to them

As anticipated, the greatest fear of those with frizzy, wavy or even curly hair is that a cut that is too short can cause the hair to swell excessively, giving a “microphone” effect absolutely unwatchable. Fortunately, however, today there are many remedies to avoid this problem, starting from the hair masks and arriving at foams more or less strong.

According to hairstyle experts, the “must haves” that will help you style your hair are undoubtedly those in the line Aveda Be Curly – which sells packages containing shampoo, conditioner and modeling. Also Kerastase has created an excellent line for curly hair, the Disciplinesperfect for replenishing damaged hair thanks to pro-keratin.

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