Halle Berry Criticizes “Outdated” Child Support Laws

Halle Berry

The actress believes that child support payments well above the needs of the child are incorrect.

Halle Berry has recently come forward to criticize the “outdated” method of obtaining child support from her exes.

It all started after Berry shared a post highlighting the importance of equality and that women “owe” nothing to men.

However, below the comment section, a social media user was disgusted with his narrative and asked about all the child support payments he receives from his exes.

Given this, the star quickly took action and made things clear by writing: “And it takes great force every day to pay it, and by the way, it’s wrong and it’s extortion. I’m not going to talk about alimony because I have never asked for it or paid for it ”.

“However, when it comes to child support, I feel like I can talk about it as I have been paying it for a decade. I feel that if a woman or a man has to pay child support that is much more than they reasonably need to help support the child, I think it is wrong. “

“I understand that some parents (male or female) may need help, but I feel that in these modern times both men and women have a responsibility to financially care for their children and to work hard and do everything possible to do so.”

“In the way that many laws are made, people can use children to be awarded money to live a lifestyle that not only did not earn but is far above and beyond the reasonable needs of the child. child and that’s the wrong thing. And where I see the abuse ”.


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