Halle Berry is angry at Drake over a photo of her covered in slime

Drake’s new single was released on Friday, September 15, ahead of the album’s release. For all dogs scheduled for Friday, October 6th. The single also marks the first collaboration with singer SZA, he announces. Hollywood Reporter. In short, all the conditions were there for the song to record record ratings, but the cover that the two artists chose Slime you it also turned it into a celebrity spat. The photo actually shows actress Halle Berry at the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, visibly surprised to be covered in neon green goo. The day before the single’s release, both Drake and SZA posted the cover on Instagram, and Berry’s reaction was immediate. Two days ago, the actress posted on social media a caption on a pink background that read: “Sometimes you have to be the big guy… Even if you’re a woman!”

When the user Asked in the comments what she thought of Drake’s cover, Berry said she never gave the rapper permission to use the image and expected better behavior from him, angrily concluding: “And that’s why in today’s post. When someone you admire disappoints you, you need to step up and move on! It would seem that the discussion has been settled, but on Saturday, September 16, another user, commenting on the latest post on the topic, pointed out to Berry that the image belongs to Getty, to whom Drake most likely paid a certain amount for the opportunity to use it. At this point, the actress bared herself again, explaining the real reason for her irritation: Drake would have contacted her before the album’s release to ask if she agreed with the choice of this cover, then Berry would have said no. He then followed up the comment with a rhetorical question: “Why ask me if you’re doing what you want anyway.” To date, Drake has not made a statement on the matter, he said. CNN. Among the many comments are those who accuse Berry of wanting to use the enthusiasm for the release of a new album to get on the front page.

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