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Halo 3’s new armor is causing hilarious memes

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is entering its eighth season, and it brings with it some alternate universe armor sets that really add variety to the game’s typical armor, but are also sparking a lot of internet memes.

The subreddit of Halo is currently in a state of frenzy and humor due to the new Halo 3 armor sets. According to Halo Waypoint, the armor sets are supposed to “reimagine Mjolnir’s main armor as an amalgam of alternate universes based on ancient legendary warriors“But the way things are right now, it would be hard to find many Halo players who like the new armor sets.

Players are seeing these designs for the first time, and they are doing what you probably expect, complaining about them. On the subreddit of Halo There are plenty of memes about the new outfits, some likening them to “For Honor”, while others joking about the future of Halo cosmetics, which resembles Quake Champions.

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Of course, beyond the memes there are people who are really mad at the new armor sets. In the comments area of ​​the website of Halo Waypoint you can see what a player thinks of appearances: “Wow, these new World of Warcraft armors are way worse in the game than you might imagine. How did they put up something that somehow looks more horrible than the armor from Halo 4?“.

Other players are a little kinder to the armor, saying they appreciate the detail put into it and the attempts to bring the story to life. Halo, but it’s an overwhelmingly negative show so far.

At least 343 Industries seems to be prepared for some of the backlash, saying, “We know this is crazy.” It also looks like it could be the start of wild armor sets: “The upcoming season for MCC does just that, and it also helps pave the way for more fun experimental themes to come in the future in this and other places.”

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