Halo Infinite is a very expansive game but “it is not an open world”, they clarify from Xbox

343 Industries wants to expand the areas present in the campaign, but reiterates that you do not expect more than necessary.

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The 3DGames team recently interviewed the members behind Halo Infinite on 343 Industries. The huge explorable areas in this new installment have caused confusion among the community, and some people believe that it is a open world. Although this is partially correct, the study clarified this issue for us.

We don’t consider it an open world343 Industries“We don’t think of it as an open world, we use words like ‘expansive’ or ‘broader’,” the study said. “The open world is its own genre these days, and it’s accompanied by other expectations“.

However, 343 Industries reiterated that Halo Infinite contains the biggest campaign that the study has done so far, and considers it a “massive experience”, but without going out of the way of what is considered a title of this saga.

Halo Infinite

“We wanted to base all of our decisions on how it feels to play a Halo title,” the studio continued. “The Connection With the world and the feeling it conveys, that’s what’s amazing about Halo, and it’s what we try to do our best. “

In conclusion, 343 Industries clarified that we will enjoy a slightly different experience, but without ruling out what a Halo title symbolizes. In addition, the campaign will be an excellent starting point for players, as the studio considers this installment as a “spiritual reboot.”

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