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Halo Infinite player fixes grenade issue

A player of Halo Infinite has discovered something strange in the physics of grenades of the game, as well as a surprisingly simple solution. Throughout this weekend, 343 Industries is letting players get a taste of Halo Infinite multiplayer in a free-to-play beta trailer ahead of the game’s highly-anticipated launch in December.

Like the first online multiplayer beta test of Halo Infinite At the end of July, the goal of this weekend’s event is for players to get a taste of the latest installment of Microsoft’s sci-fi FPS and provide feedback to 343 Industries on how to improve things ahead of launch. During the large-scale battles this latest Halo Infinite test focuses on, players have enjoyed features like the new grappling hook that allows Spartans to swing through the air like Spider-Man, and have discovered glitches like a bug in Halo Infinite’s melee combat that allows players to take infinite kills.

Reddit user ‘infenty’ realized that the physics of the grenades was not working well while playing a round of the last multiplayer test of Halo Infinite, and posted a video demonstrating it on r / halo. According to him, grenades only have “10%” recoil in their default settings, resulting in a very weak blast radius compared to previous Halo games. Luckily, infenty was able to easily correct this by going into the in-game menu and selecting a stronger grenade setting, which increased the recoil to “150%” and allowed infenty to soar to a nearby ledge with a well-aimed grenade blast.

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Still, infenty hopes 343 Industries can fix this small, but game-altering issue, ahead of Halo Infinite’s release in a few months, just as it has done with much tougher issues during the long and grueling development cycle of the game. play. Previously, 343 came to delay Halo Infinite from its planned launch alongside the Xbox Series X last year to polish the game’s graphics after a poorly received presentation at an Xbox Games Showcase last July. Fans would appreciate this effort after subsequent demos showed much better visuals, and 343 has taken into account player concerns about Halo Infinite’s radar tracking system and multiplayer progression as it works to polish up any remaining details. before December.

343 Industries still has some beta testing planned for more than Halo Infinite before the game hits stores, giving fans more opportunities to discover and provide feedback on easy-to-spot issues such as weak physics grenades discovered by infenty. Thanks to the efforts of Halo Infinite’s already sizeable multiplayer base, 343 should be able to smooth out any lagging game issues and offer fans a polished and worthy addition to the long and influential Halo franchise when Halo Infinite finally launches on 8. from December.

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