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Halo: The Master Chief Collection Official Modding Tools Broke Previous Mods

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Season 7 brings with it a number of things, including a set of official modding tools. While this was a welcome addition for a number of players and modders, it looks like the tools released as part of the June 23rd update broke a number of existing mods.

Fast scrolling on NexusMods results in a number of fan mods being flagged as “broken”. It is unclear exactly how the addition of the official modding tools broke the previous ones, but it seems that some of them may need to be completely redone.

343 Industries unveiled these tools last week. They are free to download on Steam and you don’t even need the Master Chief Collection to be able to use them.

Several more changes could be made to the Master Chief Collection, as Halo producer and former professional Halo player Sean Swiderski briefly mentioned that 343 Industries may be investigating the idea of ​​increasing the number of Halo: The Master Chief Collection players in lobbies 40 or 60.

However, Svidersky was quick to warn everyone that this is still being researched and not necessarily coming true. Developers need to consider performance and whether consoles can handle that many players.

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