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Again our section to 10 photos that you shouldn’t have told miss, dedicated to showing pictures and videos of our favorite artists in the social networks that you would like to see (or remember, if you’ve seen it). This week, we remember how Carly Rae Jepsen predicted the pandemic, Devo help to protect against contagion, Halsey kills time with hobbies unsuspected, The Streets have a virtual quote at a shop of fried chicken…

Carly Rae Jepsen predicted the pandemic

What About The Simpsons? What’the Ministry of Time’? Does Imanol Arias giving the chimes? There are a number of ludicrous theories about who could have predicted the pandemic of Covid-19, but few envisioned the situation of unmarried persons in confinement as the canadian Carly Rae Jepsen, with her single of 2018 ‘Party for One‘, as she herself points out. To the point that all god will pull you to the streets and this will only be a memory (hopefully), here’s that “making love to myself / back on my beat”.

I have to protect you from the Covid-19

And when we take to the streets… how can you protect yourself while making it clear that you’re a good freakazo of the music? The answer is to have Devo, who have marketed his famous red helmet by adding a protective screen is transparent, the style of which will be used many health. And no, there is no joke: in your store to sell even screens replacement and, also, a full line of masks and conventional with different designs inspired by the imagery of the authors of ‘Whip It’.

Jessie Ware and the promo in times of confinement

If [email protected] artists are deciding to delay the launch of their albums in full pandemic may have to do with how complicated you can make the promotion. Tell that to Jessie Ware, who has been found with 1000 copies of their new album ‘What’s Your Pleasure?’ signed in the hall of his house, and now do not know what to do with it. So, I pray, compradlas to be able to get rid of them.

Halsey, otaku and gamer

The confinement is making us discover facets little or less known pop stars. For example, to lack of power to do his tour of presentation of ‘Manic‘, these days we are discovering that Halsey will pyrrha cosplay –that is to say, dress up as their favorite characters from film, anime, video games, and we’ve seen attired as characters from ‘Sailor Moon‘ and one of the characters most admired in the game ‘Overwatch’, D. Va. Not what we saw.

“The Weeknd as otters, the thread”

Changing of third, The Weeknd may be the current king of pop in the world (‘After Hours’ continues to work well, and ‘Bliding Lights’ breaking records), but that’s not has made him lose the sense of humor. Before you make a fool of himself to himself as a character in the series, ‘American Dad’, he had shared a thread of Twitter, comparing pictures of yours with the otters in the postures and attitudes more and more incredible. The resemblance is REAL.

The Streets and unsuccessful in the shop chicken

‘Chicken Shop Date‘ is one of the shows most fun that can be seen now on Youtube. In it, the comic actress, british Amelia Dimoldenberg quoted (with link) in a shop of fried chicken/kebab/similar artists –mainly MCs of grime, but also have been dropped by there Mahalia or rapper Ms Banks–, giving rise to situations very surreal. One of the last (obviously, with the help of the remote connection, and props) in to try their luck in the “Chicken Shop” Amelia has been Mike Skinner, The Streets, which has led some zasca to account your age and your alopecia.

Diplo gets wet Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion bid for the number 1 singles in the united States thanks to the remix of his single ‘Savage’ next to Beyoncé. There is No doubt that the author of ‘Suga‘ is a star in the making, and Diplo, seasoned as it is, he knows. So who is willing to do what she will ask for a collaboration. What that tells you to pull up to a river? Sujétale the rum and coke…

The trick of Doja Cat to reach the #1

In direct contention with Megan, Doja Cat, your ‘Say So‘ and his remix with Nicki Minaj are the big opponents. The interpreter of the viral ‘MOOO!’ has played his cards to reach the number 1: apparently, Amala Zandile Dlamini (less evil that has chosen the other name of war, because it go tongue-twister) had promised on Twitter to show their breasts if the song had reached the highest on the Hot 100. Whatever the impact of that promise in your success, someone else is reminded in a conversation with fans on his Stories and… if you want rice, Catherine.

Katy Perry, Mom Dumbo

Apart from publishing ‘Daisies‘, the first single of his new album, and appear in the final of ‘American Idol‘, Katy Perry paid to sing in a special Disney Channel dedicated to the songs of his films, to sing the whole family. Such a friend as is the costume, no one came up with better idea than to dress her Mom Dumbo –what a metaphor for his state of good hope? Nah…– to sing ‘Baby Mine’ from the animated film the elephant flying. Not adivinaríais who makes Dumbo…

Snoop Dogg, “frozen”

And since we are in the universe of Disney… yes, Yes, you read that right: Snoop Dogg and Disney. Miraculously, someone has picked up (imagine that in some Stories) this sublime moment in the history of pop in which the rapper californian recorded himself sitting in his car listening to ‘Let It Go’, from the soundtrack of ‘Frozen’. As well, because yes. Ma-ra-villa.

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